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Doris Anne Beaulieu posted a blog post

Tractor Pulls

Tractor Pulls ( Poem )America’s passion tractor haul Ford and Farmall want to take it all Showcasing your tractor is never dullCase give a strong performance callSee a smokey John Deere tractor Unleash yourself in an Oliver Massey Ferguson speeds uncoveredAs International pulls with no effortWhite’s power with high tractive force As McCormick is running the course Agricultural machinery CompetitionFun family oriented tractor pullin’Opportunities may come and go You all know it’s a successful…See More
1 hour ago
Maria Stade left a comment for Yuri Smirnov
"Thank you for the friends request, Im honored to have a friend like you ! Love your last film, about the future school ! Blessings be with you .... a new world can be if we make it. Do the children grow their own food to ? Are they vegitarians or do…"
21 hours ago
Maria Stade and Yuri Smirnov are now friends
23 hours ago
Yuri Smirnov liked Yuri Smirnov's blog post Dolmen pilgrimage, August 2014
Yuri Smirnov posted a blog post

Dolmen pilgrimage, August 2014

My dear friends,Please enjoy beautiful pictures from the August dolmen pilgrimage: https://www.flickr.com/photos/spaceoflove/sets/72157646184247100/ A couple from Germany visited dolmens of Pshada, Shetinin's school and ecovillage of Kin's domains Sinegorie. For details please check…See More
Yuri Smirnov posted photos
Yuri Smirnov posted a status
"Beautiful pictures from the August dolmen pilgrimage: https://www.flickr.com/photos/spaceoflove/sets/72157646184247100/"
Doris Anne Beaulieu posted a blog post

Woodsmen Day

Woodsmen Day ( Poem)Sport using handsaws With a toothed edge blade One or two handed sawingOn a woodsmen fair dayTraditional log rolling Is a lumberjacks technique Style used in river drivingThe illustration is uniqueSpringboard tree is branchless With live action you can’t beat Platform board is dangerousA risk if you competeBlock ax chopping Is a loggers sport indeed Hard on your back swingingBe careful of your feetWoodsmen day activities Is part of the fair you see I bring it all to my…See More
Janaia Donaldson posted a video

Beekeeping Takes Flight at Sea-Tac Airport

"We're hoping to breed our honeybees with native bee populations who've been here awhile, to develop our own stock of Airport bees." Beekeeper John Woodworth...
PlanetShifterMan posted a blog post

"lawyers, guns and water" - a permaculture sound comic. New Myth #64 - Willi Paul, CommunityAlchemy.com

"lawyers, guns and water" - a permaculture sound comic. Video: http://youtu.be/SM5RjmC4W8YBest Graphics: http://communityalchemy.com/LGW/index.html* * * * * * * “Groundwater is like a bank account. You can’t take out more than you put in on an ongoing basis.”“…See More
Janaia Donaldson posted a video

Climate Change and Human Extinction - A Personal Perspective

"Just one source, methane from the arctic...leads us [by 2030] to...a temperature beyond which humans have never existed on the planet." Guy McPherson, profe...
PlanetShifterMan posted a blog post

“The Permaculture Grid.” A Prototype. New Myth #63 by Willi Paul, Planetshifter.com Magazine

“The Permaculture Grid.” A Prototype.New Myth #63 by Willi Paul, Planetshifter.com Magazinehttp://www.planetshifter.com/node/2205See More
Aug 16
PlanetShifterMan posted a blog post

"resilience in our age of dementia" - permaculture sound cartoon. SCORE Video. New Myth #62. Willi Paul, Planetshifter.com Media

"resilience in our age of dementia" - permaculture sound cartoonSCORE Video. New Myth #62. Willi Paul, Planetshifter.com MediaWatch the Video for resilience in our age of dementiaProject Site @ CommunityAlchemy.comSee More
Aug 13
Doris Anne Beaulieu posted a blog post

Wishing Witch

Wishing WitchMy Halloween screenplay is funny as can be It’s funny how witchcraft is what we need to seeBrewing up trouble with all your classmates The teacher will get angry, make no mistakeCrazy riddles from a child can be so scary Being her classmate leaves you feeling waryYou may start a princess and end as a boar As her riddles will leave you in an uproarWill you return to normal after all this nonsense Is the question that has everyone in suspenseYou may not have believed in the…See More
Aug 11
Janaia Donaldson posted a video

Come to the SkillShare Faire!

Join the fun at the 2013 Whatcom SkillShare Faire! Make fire by friction. Thresh seeds with a 100-year-old pedal-powered machine. Learn to card, spin and wea...
Aug 10
PlanetShifterMan posted a blog post

DUSK: Sound – Symbol - SCORE Design for Children’s Permaculture Stories. Video. New Myth #61. Willi Paul, Newmythologist.com

DUSK: Sound – Symbol - SCORE Design for Children’s Permaculture Stories.Video. New Myth #61. Willi Paul, Newmythologist.comWatch the Video for Dusk- Keys to Sound – Symbol - SCORE Design -+ "SCORE" design - base image for storytelling+ Multi-media,…See More
Aug 9
Profile IconTransition Network top stories

August 2014 - Transition Network Newsletter

Although we are mostly kicking our shoes off this month, we still have some inspiration for you, such as why is it so important to celebrate what you do, plus news of Transition Training in India, and more.


See More
Aug 7
Doris Anne Beaulieu posted blog posts
Aug 7
Janaia Donaldson posted a video

What Is Sustainable?

"We're a mining society. We mine the soils, the groundwater, the forest, the minerals, the fish... We're destroying non-renewable resources. There's no futur...
Aug 5
PlanetShifterMan posted a blog post

New “Sound-Symbol-SCORE Design” for Children’s Permaculture Stories. New Myths #59 & #60 by Willi Paul,

New “Sound-Symbol-SCORE Design” for Children’s Permaculture Stories. New Myths #59 & #60 by Willi Paul, Newmythologist.com and Composer Geoff Maddockhttp://planetshifter.com/node/2202See More
Aug 3

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-- Robert F. Kennedy

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