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Hey Everyone!

I am new to Global Transition In Action, so I wanted to post some information about an initiative that I am currently volunteering at called Open Source Ecology.  We are building, what we call, the Global Village Construction Set (GVCS) – a set of 40 open source machines meant to jump-start community resilience and lower the barriers-to-entry.

The machines are being built and shared via open source methods, so we can freely provide the information and plans necessary to build resilient communities from the ground up.  We are 100% crowd-funded by supporters, which we call True Fans --and we welcome you to join us.  This is our latest video showcasing the GVCS, which was created by a True Fan:

We would be grateful if you could pass our work on to your friends, family and partners, and encourage them to support and collaborate with us.  We are also interested in speaking engagements.  The commitment of a single new True Fan is enough to fund a trip for guest speaking or a presentation by the founder of Open Source Ecology, Marcin Jakubowski, Ph.D.  This month we will be on a tour in California to present our vision and progress to several Transition Town initiatives.  It is in this light that we believe everyone should have access to the tools necessary to create true community resilience.

For more information, see our blog: and our main (beta) organizational platform at

Deep Regards, 
Adam Mitchell
Open Source Ecology

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We are looking forward to hosting Marcin here in Northern California next week!
Excellent! We are finishing our building adventures here this week and look forward to seeing you all then!
Shall we expect more people than Marcin, then? That would be grand. Or are you speaking in the collaborative 'we?'
Yea, collaborative 'we' that is =)

I would love to come, but I am headed to New York City for a month.

I will be available in cyber-space ;-)
Oh by the way, I created a group for people to join if they're interested.

Ahhh, very nice, I'll be watching closely.

For a while I have been working on an idea for a package of open source software tools and organizational documents to help people create and operate communities and virtual communities.

I first conceived of this idea years ago, as part of an effort to create intentional communities - lol I burned out on that effort, but the idea of a package of documenst and software is still I think a good one.

The documenst and software would be things like trust documnets and investment documents and incorporation documents to protect all the members of a community and their investment of time money and resources, software to track hours of work and make group decision making eaiser, stuff like that.

I'll be studying your pages.
Bill, that's a very interesting idea. We could call it the Global Village Software Set (GVSS) ;-)

In all honesty though, that's a great idea. To even further lower the the barriers-to-entry for communities, there should be a package of software, documents, legal rights that support and assist their growth. Could definitely be incorporated into the Open Ecology framework.

Keep in touch, create a profile on, share your ideas, spread the word. Let's work together!
I tried to create an account but wasn't able to immediately login. We'll see what happens after a while.

added - lol my mistake, I let lastpass fill in the form for me and it gave me a username I did not want - I'll have to mess with it later.
Nice, Bill! Have you made any presentation to the Fellowship of Intentional Communities or Cohousing US?
~Judith (a cohouser)
Is that a question to Open Source Ecology?
'Twas to Bill. Cheers!
This is a great initiative and I hope in some way it can combine with this other one, which is an integral version of what you're doing (ie. takes into account all other types of technologies needed for transition, the hardest of which are usually the people-tech ones).

Within the integral model what you are doing is described as the 'external-collective' quadrant or field, in permaculture model it is called working with the Energy-Technologies components of a system. Very important stuff but the other 3 quadrants and components or fields are just as crucial: all of them have to be integrated smoothly in order to get anything sustainable off the ground.

The initiative will start with the first online (free) english conference this wednesday, 17th november at 9pm spanish time, which is GMT+1 (1pm in Boulder, Colorado which is where i am now). The link above gives all the detail, english page being worked on now, and we're looking for partners to make this as widely available as possible, please do help to spread this wonderful news through your networks.

The conferences will be followed by a very open-source encouraging Integral Permaculture design year-long course where we will be giving (in a very practical way, emphasis in applying these to own surroundings) the most important and totally essential models needed for developing all facets, types, styles, field of the technologies needed for Transition.

We want this to be a truly collaborative effort, so we're welcoming partners (course starts in spring 2011) during the 3 month conferences preparation.

hope to see you there!


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