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When you run into trouble with your site, or some issue is blocking the development of your local community, post your message here. No question is too specific or too philosophical.

If it's a quick fix, we'll fix it. If it needs a conversation, we'll talk. If multiple people register similar issues, we'll do conference calls. If it's a matter of training, we'll do it!

Keep in mind that our social network spans approximately 100 sites, spread over three continents. We can master our respective responsibilities much faster working collaboratively.

Les Squires

TIP: Include a copy of the page URL with EVERY submission you make.

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Hi Les,

Do you I really need to sign-up for again when joining the network for a given state? Seems like my Ning ID should carry over, right?

You will use SIGN IN -- since you're already registered your Ning ID. SIGN UP (including your birthdate) is a one-time event in Ning. Answering registration questions, however, does require a new submission. Theoretically every ning site wants to know something different about who's participating on their site. So replies to one site's registration do not carry over into another site.
So, Les, if I am a member of TransitionUS and TransitionAlaska, but I want to be a part of the Skype Users Group hosted by TransitionColorado, I need to join TransitionColorado using "Sign in" -- is that right?
Hey Les,

I'm looking at how we can capture Ning event items via RSS for posting in TT. I'm finding an easy way to capture *all* the items from a particular site, but not a subset. For example, if I filter the events for permaculture, the RSS feed option is not available for the filtered page.

Can you help?

Bill, let's talk by skype. I've got good news for subsetting RSS feeds. It's Sunday and I'm in all day.
I like your idea that within each state's ning, Special Interest Groups (SIGS) can list themselves as Groups, so that the list of Groups serves as a resource directory for that state. In practice, however, how does that look? These SIGs have their own web sites, mail lists, discussion boards, member lists, etc, and usually won't want to use our Transition ning for that purpose. On the other hand, the ning "Group" doesn't present a format for them to describe what their SIG does, or how to contact the SIG.

Please provide an example of what you mean. Has someone actually done this?
The Broadwell document is well thought out. It represents one way of approaching the formation of a new group -- offer a structure and they will come. Another way is to invite people to introduce themselves, express their issues, address solutions, reinforce each other. Each of these models has its benefits and its liabilities. I suggest you take your model and run with it. We can use your example as a case study -- all of us learning how to build Transition communities.
Here are three examples:

GROUPS within your state may well have their own web sites, mail lists, discussion boards, member lists, etc. That's great. We don't replicate data. In this case we merely point to their site and give our members an opportunity to comment on the relationship between our organizations. The group in this case is a fancy link. On the other hand, there may be groups that do not yet have their own resources and would be delighted to use ours. The choice is theres.

In all cases, we are providing a catalog of Transition-related organizations within a State -- a high value just in itself.
I suggest you go to TRANSITION COLORADO and determine for yourself if this approach might be useful for TRANSITION OHIO. I also suggest that you go to TRANSITION US and take a look at the "integration" efforts we've been making to relate the various transition sites around the U.S.
Use Ask Les if you would like to talk about serving as an admin in your state, and to receive technical assistance.>>

count me in Les for CA.
thanks for doing this!!!

bob banner
Hi Les...

About RSS on MY PAGE... So I can only do ONE RSS feed? Is there a way to create more?

Also, the CO site has that widget to have an RSS feed from CO bloggers. HOW can CA have that?



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