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Les squires

Currently in Revelstoke, B.C. and talking with local progressives here about the Transition Movement. Moving on to Nelson B.C. in two days and hope to link up with the organizers of Transion there......

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Hi Cristy,

Come a little further south, cross the border into America, then I'll consider talking with thee...

Just Joe Kin...

I have found the whole Transition Movement to be one of great disappointment, be it Rob Hopkin's disappointing book or the clueless bourgeoise attitudes, and dismally small participation, in the Transition United States and various Transition (insert state name here) discussion groups.

Short growing seasons, RUGGED winters, perhaps good hunting, raw beauty, with perhaps a potential for SUSTAINABLE lumber (perhaps for trade?) and/or firewood yields (especially as more than one travels towards Alaska), when I think of Revelstoke and Nelson. Then again, when I think of the other side of the Rockies, I think of some of the most awe-inspiring country that I have ever seen and I think of post-peak oil and population/economy busts...and the very ill advised tar sands debacle in process. Then again, the myopic Capitalists won't be happy until they have completely raped Wyoming and Montana of their coal resources.

I invite you to write me at and/or look at my web log .

I am always willing to try to find the time to help others.

In Peace, Friendship, Community, Cooperation, and Solidarity,

Mike Morin
Dear Mike: Appreciate your perspectives. Did check your blog. Yes, there are obstacles within the Transition Movement, but nothing is perfect. Atleast there is something underway to counteract the paralysis of seeing what is ahead. Actively, for the past 12 years, societal disintegration has been of interest to me. (while I wrote my doctoral study on Healthy Systems, ha!) The last two years, after reading Long Emergency and watching The Crash Course, we have been stunned into spiral of cynicism that takes me only to a dark depression. The Transition Movement offers hope, like-minded individuals committed to human evolution. There is no way I will personally benefit from this work; rather it just might create one of a few tiny outposts of humanity acting for the benefit of future colonies. I can not stay stuck in the vortex of despair. I must act. For now, I quote a friend: "I pledge allegiance to a nation that is not yet born." Open to ideas. Keep in touch.
Hi Cristy,

I have found that the way to avoid despair is dogged persistence and a totally cynical refusal to give up hope. I find myself, therefore, enjoying the journey and some to much of the time refusing to yield to the seemingly lack of progress towards a eutopian ("eutopian" means "good place", "outopian" means "no place") future.

I was excited with my discovery of the "Transition" "Movement" and websites when it came into my purview many moons ago. But it has been a source of great disappointment. I suppose that if you can find local support, that is a big part of the challenge. Good luck.

Eugene, Oregon is a (relatively) large and very sprawled community. The Mayor and City Council and some local activists have initiated and are trying to grow an initiative with regards to climate change and post-peak oil with the stated goal of reducing energy use by 50% by 2030. I am channeling some of my hope in that direction. I expect to be disappointed, therefore I can't be disappointed.

I've got the plan to reduce automobile usage by 80% in the next 20 to 40 years. Let's see if we can make it real. I'm 56 years on the planet, so if current Actuarial assumptions hold up (they probably won't), I may live to see if we achieve that kind of progress.

Anyway, best wishes.

In Peace, Friendship, Community, Cooperation, and Solidarity,

Mike Morin
I'm not sure if this is the appropriate place to barge in, but I was looking for an existing "discussion" (topic) for my inquiry, rather than starting another one.

I'm hoping that there will be responses here. Many discussions/topics in this forum languish for a long time.

I'm interested in suggestions, experiences and ideas concerning how to get a transition group, or even mullers group, going in one's community. That is, from the very beginning. I know that in my own city of Santa Fe, New Mexico, there has been some effort to germinate the initial beginnings of organizing, but I'm told that it fizzled out when participation dwindled overly much.

I have the distinct impression that very few people here recognize the severity of the up-coming peak oil / gas crisis. And I don't hear people expressing dismay or anxiety about the negiligible response the world, our nation, and our local community has regards the global warming crisis.

Honestly, the business as usual mentality appears to hang over the town like a fog, and most people seem to be quite ignorant or unconcerned. Perhaps they just don't have time to be bothered?

How is the fog cleared? How have people successfully gotten a start in their communities?


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