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Does anyone know of any Farms and Farming Property in Sequim area?


Looking to purchase.....

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Gerry, Sequim is in Washington State, right?  If so and you'd therefore like to contact the Washington State group, I suggest you put your request on this page -- where there are 35 Washington members who will see your request.

Thanks, that is what I intended to do, so I am not sure what happened.


How are you and what are you up to these days?

I'm fine.  Thx for asking.  Putting finishing touches on a 2 month tour thru Detroit, New Zealand and Australia.  Never a dull moment! :)

Be sure to click on the link I sent above and paste your request into the COMMENT WALL.


Perhaps see you this afternoon at the library... 


While Local 2020 is in Jefferson Co, next door to Clallum Co I can probably get you a few names. Huber Nash is the farmer over there. He would know for sure.

What are you looking for, acres, type of land, crops, off grid or on, ?

Hello Richard,

Thank you for your reply and willingness to help.

I am in touch with Nash and looking to potentially procure land that his operation could farm as he does with others.

Do you have any recommendations for specific parcels or other advice?

Best regards,


Hello Richard,

I got a "blank" reply, did you intend to send some more info?


Hello Richard,

I keep getting a "blank" replies (???)



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