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Join IN! Introduce your group to our group and to thousands of like-minded groups globally. Choose one of the categories below to show where your group fits. Transition towns... non-profits... commercial green businesses... universities... alternative currencies... Click any link to see examples. Site management reserves the right to reclassify with or without notice, but most often with consultation with group creator.
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  • Create Your Group -- A title, description, and a few other details creates identity and a group mailing list. By adding a group to this site you are affirming like-mindedness between the aspirations of your members and the aspirations of members of the Transition Movement.
  • Transition Towns -- Localities officially recognized or aspiring to Transition Town status (e.g., Columbus Ohio, Cape Town, Frankfurt)
  • Transition Initiatives -- Examples: Study groups, workgroups, filmmakers, virtual groups, spanning multiple localities. Yardsharing, Within Reach Movie. Click on this link to see more examples.
  • Transition Businesses-- Commercial companies espousing "transition"/ "green"/ "sustainable" values. The intent of Transition Businesses is to provide a forum for those who make their living providing products and services to meet with those who desire those products and services. Entries clearly non-compliant (e.g., spam) are subject to removal without notice.
  • Partnering Organizations -- Non profits, NGOs, sustainability groups, 501c3s. Click on this link for more examples.
  • Local Currencies & Trading -- Localities engaged or planning to engage in "trade local", alternate currencies, local resilience.
  • Email Lists-- Opt in mailing lists serving large geographies, particularly virtual groups. For example, U.S.-wide Email List.
  • Featured Groups -- Deserving of special attention for a time.
  • Transition Speakers Bureau with Member Evaluations -- Presenters available to speak on Transition topics.
  • Transition Trainers and Ongoing Training Groups -- Registry of available experts and virtual groups spun off actual training events.
  • Government Agencies -- States, departments, councils, city planners, mayoral offices espousing Transition values.
  • Faith Based Directory -- Religious organizations, special committees.
  • K-12 Grade Schools -- Programs creating curricula and educating children younger than university age.
  • Colleges and Universities -- Educational organizations engaged in Transition-oriented curricula and programs.
  • Archives -- Offline storage for out-of-date entries considered too useful to be deleted.

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Reply to This. Using Reply to This below, record your comments, questions and suggestions for addtional categories. Over time, your suggestions will be incorporated into the descriptions above.

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Les! I'd REALLY like to know how you did that so I can incorporate it in our TransitionSweden,se NING site. Where is the manual???????? /Steve Hinton Stockholm
Hi Stephen, you make me smile! Actually, it's something that can't be done in Ning. LOL LOL But I'll be glad to teach you the ropes. When can we connect on skype for about an hour? I'm available for this kind of work all week this week.
I was interested in creating some sort of singles/dating/partnering type group?  Is that outrageous?  It's easier to prepare for an uncertain future, if you have a partner that understands these concepts, but meeting that person is difficult. With this site, everyone already shares a fundamental belief so it automatically screens for that priority.  What do you think??????

It's perfectly reasonable that couples who share values around being off the grid or partying the high life every night would super important.  Let's remember that it's not only peak oil -- it's who you snuggle up with every night.  Go ahead and create the group.  I'll work with you to make it work.


I just posted this at Transition Snoqualmie Valley here in WA state.  Input from as many sources as possible is needed.









Seems the issue of wresting the power away from the corporate banking system has taken a back seat here in importance.  Our local economy strengthening efforts would seem to me lacking in teeth when our money is flowing out and fails to provide the means to empower our citizens.  How, by what means can a local banking system be initiated?  I hope gathering information on successful models and reporting (eg. North Dakota would be one) could be started here.


I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies. If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around will deprive the people of all property until their children wake-up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered. The issuing power should be taken from the banks and restored to the people, to whom it properly belongs. Thomas Jefferson





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