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A message to all members of TRANSITION U.S. SOCIAL NETWORK

  • Starter Kits for 50 State Portfolios

    Last week we launched high level summaries of what's happening Transition-wise in 50 U.S. States. See Vermont. Wisconsin.   Call up your state and use Comment Wall to submit additional activities and links for your state.  Group Admins will mount your links on the portfolio.  Sign up to Admin your groups of choice.  It's fun. You meet tons of people.  These kits now set the pace for two additional ventures -- "Transition Bioregions" and "Transition Businesses".

  • Transition BioRegions

    Without engaging in full-blown academic definitions of "bioregion", we are simply referring to BioRegions as population centers that cross fixed and arbitrary boundaries (city limits, states, countries, continents). BioRegions get names such as New England, Southeast Ohio, Tri-City, XYZ River Valley, Cascadia. Transition relationships in these areas deserve useful tools to facilitate their regional interaction -- to plan, to identify their memberships, to call meetings, to email each other, to share resources, to set up community centers, to trade regionally -- in short, to organize around economic and ecological sustainability.

    Click here to register your BioRegion. You will be met at the door and shown the best steps to proceed.

  • Transition Businesses

    You have a product, service, company, organization, club, corporation, or non-profit that works hard to embody Transition values... You are invited to register it. Declare Yourself!  Click here to declare your Transition Business.  Make your case for Transition.  You will be met at the door and shown the best steps to proceed. Let's face it, social networking is good for more than "making friends" -- it's superb for "making businesses".

    See additional discussion "What is a TRANSITION BUSINESS?"

What these three activities have in common is the creation and nurturing of new normal group behavior -- traditional geographies, regional areas, and businesses that need and deserve the tools for building lasting relationships with each other. 

Click here to make your Transition Business!  Use TextBox to begin laying out your new group's Transition portfolio.  Which Transition values do you champion particularly. Invite others to join your group.  Members, join as many groups as you like. Members, use Comment Wall to volunteer to assist building these communities.

Les Squires
Global Transition in Action
+1 303 926 5159


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A nice set of initiatives Les. Hope they flourish.

I'm particularly interested in what happens with your Transition Businesses category. I'm sure they will attract a lot of companies. I hope they get comments from customers and others on how green and community minded they really are, so that the driving force for their success becomes how well they serve and not how much profit they make.

 Welcome Group Creators!

Group creators have new functionality in their Groups. It's a rough draft of a Group Portfolio.

What's a portfolio? It is to groups what personal resumes are to individuals -- a one page concise summary of the essentials of your "transition experience." Your organization, your company, your non-profit, your business, bioregion, your favorite virtual topic, user group, or any other constituency you wish to bridge with Transition.  Find your Group quickly. 

See your new features in the Strawbale User Group

Got Profile? If your listing is still in rough draft, please use the Comment Wall to schedule some time to make it shine. In the meantime, make a list of the 20 essentials you need to do justice to your Group. Take the clue from the StrawBale Community.

NOT Got Profile? Well, what's hold you up... Let's make it!

Les Squires
Global Transition in Action
+1 303 926 5159


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