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You are cordially Invited


on Integral Permaculture

(the "Operating System" behind the Transition Movement)

download Programme Leaflet here



to receive invitations with instructions

to participate
, times, futher materials & fora, etc.

please join us on the Permis Internacional Group

I've blogged on here today about Integral Permaculture, if it sounds interesting to you, we want to hear from you!! 

Anyone who wants to be on the mailing list for this initiative please join this group

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The first Integral Permaculture online (free) Conference is happening at 9pm spanish time (GMT+1) on wednesday the 17th and you are all invited!

There is however an opt-in system whereby you have to say you are actively interested in order to send you the instructions for how to get into the Conference, so please send an email to stella at stella (at) ecoescuela (dot) net if you wanto be included.

It's the first of a series of basic intro to permaculture conferences, more details on the , click english translation and go to Online Conferences in the menu. English website coming up soon...

The conferences are interactive, participants can type questions whilst speaker is showing the presentation then if you have a mike you can also ask or comment by voice at the end.

We had 20 people attend in the first one in spanish which we did last week (the conferences alternate spanish-english, so you can also use them to practice languages :)

hope to see you there!

Thi is the letter sent out today with more details - we've finally got the beginnings of a web in English!
the first Spanish conference last week was a great success, especially with the enthusiasm of the conversation that followed, we hope this will also happen with the English one ... hope to see you there!

You are cordially invited to the next Integral Permaculture online, live & free Conference, the very first one in english, launching Integral Permaculture. Here are the instructions.

Please do pass this news on to your contacts and participate with us to 4YearsGo, a planetary campaign to change the course of history towards a sustainable humanity, and we think Integral Permaculture is an essential ingredient to that radical re-design.

The live chats are free and interactive and will be available later as recordings, but without the interactive option: so do try to join us live we'd love to hear from you too.

To participate just follow these 3 simple steps:

1) check what time 9pm Madrid time on Wed 17th November 2010 is for your time zone, on this site: ... that is when we'll be on live in the Conference space

2) at you local Conference date & time (preferably 15 mins before hand) go to & click on the "English mirror Web" bright green link top right in the menu

3) then in the English site you can see the Magic Door icon (top right on first page) which you can click to enter the VideoConference hall (being magic, this will only work during the Conferences and 15mins before hand) - there you will be escorted to the Conference ...

If you visit at any other time, and ALSO in order not to miss any of the other dates, please do REGISTER for the Conferences, and we will send you reminders with instructions the day before the next ones (click on link below the magic door or in the Online Conferences page), and also to give you news of where the recordings will be placed, in case you miss any.

In the Online Conferences page you can see the full programme, and also see the 4YearsGO video, which we recomend you watch when you can. is the only web you will ever need, we're working to make all links join to this one, in order to simplify life

These are interactive conferences: you can make comments and ask questions during the conference and after each presentation we leave a space for the participants that want to continue to talk on related issues. All of your comments are very welcome.

The most important part of these conferences for us is the dialogue and the new connections that will be facilitated in order to co-create an important emergent creature: the new science of Integral Permaculture. Each person that feels called, attracted or enthused by this idea is warmly invited to participate: we look forward to hearing from you.

See you at the conference!
warm regards from the Nodo Espiral team,
We now have a leaflet in English with the full Online Conference Programme

and also an Event invite in this ning.

The next Integral Permaculture conference happens this Sunday, December 19.


TOPICPeopleCare and Collective Intelligence

People Care is one of the three Permaculture ethics, but what does it mean

exactly? And in our times, how can we design for this? Group work is something that is

fundamentally important, we need good tools to encourage collective intelligence.

Fortunately we have many, but they are not sufficiently well-known and they are applied

even less.

The conference is online, it's free, and it's thought-provoking.


Please join our growing group at to receive invitations and instructions to get connected.


Our next  -- free, online -- conference is happening soon -- join us!


Wed 29 December - In Order to Design the Future, Let's Look at Models

of the Present



There is growing agreement around the idea that we have to redesign
the economy that forms the basis of many of our social systems. But Who
designed them and how? It seems that not all of it was designed in a conscious way, and
the parts that 'have acquired a life of their own' are perhaps now the key elements that
need changing ... but we can only change them if we understand how they work.


This is the 4th webinar in the series.  To join the friendly, engaging international group who has been attending these,  register your interest at



ALL-Transition Global Search


Members -- Welcome the Family!


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