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Les squires

I found this article which discusses doing thermal imaging of homes in the UK to identify inefficient homes. I find this a little disturbing that neighborhoods are being surveilled and home owners targeted in this way but that's not what I'm writing about on this very snowy day in Colorado.

We keep our home very cool inside - thermostats don't go above 60 degrees F in the winter and if addition warmth is needed, space heaters are used in small spaces with the door(s) closed. Additionally, on rare occasion, I use a space heater outside in my greenhouse which is uninsulated and has lots of glazing, as greenhouses do. I do this to keep heirloom vegetable seedlings from freezing, not to create a tropical climate for inappropriate plants for my geography. My greenhouse would probably be targeted as "wasting energy" based on its heat signature if they were to photograph on a day that heater was in use. That disturbs me because wholesome, home grown food is important to me.

What do any of you think the implications of this heat use surveillance are?
Would people no longer be permitted to heat greenhouses - commercially or privately?

I'd really like to hear ideas on this topic. Thanks.

Tags: energy, greenhouse, heat, imaging, surveillance, thermal

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