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Greetings Transitioners,


Some groups are more active than others. Here is a list of those who are demonstrating their sustained interests in "things transition".  These groups are featured in this week's newsletter because somebody new has joined, started a discussion or simply commented on the group's activities.


Members:  Join as many groups as you wish to track and support!

Group Creators:  Invite some of your best supporters to participate!

Most up-to-date list of Recent Group Activities


  • Atlantic Coast, North America

    Atlantic Coast, North America

    27 membersLatest Activity: 5 hours agoWe look over vast waters east of us. There might be food & energy out there, or not, depending on some flows & trends (toxins, capital, votes,…

  • Local Food Security

    Local Food Security

    106 membersLatest Activity: Mar 31Local Food Abundance - CSA's & community gardens, basic Nutrition & “Slow Food” - cooking with simple, local and fresh food, Shared Storage Foods,…

  • Nighthawk Traders

    Nighthawk Traders

    95 membersLatest Activity: Apr 1There's perhaps no question I'm asked more often than "What about Local Currencies?" So I'm starting a study group on alternative forms of community…

  • Link Transition South Dakota USA

    Link Transition South Dakota USA

    8 membersLatest Activity: Apr 18TRANSITION SOUTH DAKOTA -- The emerging Transition Culture will empower South Dakota communities and enable us to find innovative solutions to the…

  • Link Transition Rhode Island USA

    Link Transition Rhode Island USA

    10 membersLatest Activity: Apr 16TRANSITION RHODE ISLAND -- Community Resilience, Self-Reliance, Renewable Energy & Cooperation

  • Verde Resilient Communities

    Verde Resilient Communities

    17 membersLatest Activity: Apr 14We are a network of communities, organizations and individuals in Northern Arizona working together to improve the quality of life by moving to a…

  • community way

    community way

    2 membersLatest Activity: Apr 13Community way is a new tool for locally based fund-raising and economic development. Donations in community way dollars (cw$) connect non-profits and…

  • Link Transition New York USA

    Link Transition New York USA

    31 membersLatest Activity: Apr 13TRANSITION NEW YORK is a networking site for those who seek local-scale green-oriented implementation of Transition models for local communities.

  • U.S.-wide Email List

    U.S.-wide Email List

    104 membersLatest Activity: Mar 31Broadcast email list for Transition U.S. Send and receive announcements of events and new developments from members across the U.S. Members may…

  • Link Transition Maryland USA

    Link Transition Maryland USA

    22 membersLatest Activity: Apr 9The Transition Movement embraces several other familiar monikers: Local Self Reliance, Appropriate Technology, Decentralization, Localization,…

  • Baltimore Green Forum

    Baltimore Green Forum

    6 membersLatest Activity: Apr 9We meet the 4th Sun of the month and are trying "Affinity Groups" similar to Transition "working groups".

  • Link Transition New Mexico USA

    Link Transition New Mexico USA

    10 membersLatest Activity: Apr 8TRANSITION NEW MEXICO -- Community Resilience, Self-Reliance, Renewable Energy & Cooperation

  • Link Transition Kentucky USA

    Link Transition Kentucky USA

    15 membersLatest Activity: Apr 6TRANSITION KENTUCKY is a space for those who seek a sustainable, local-scale implementation of theTransition Model.

  • PermaCulture Science

    PermaCulture Science

    30 membersLatest Activity: Apr 5 

    One of the places to dialogue about an emerging Integral Permaculture science, to continue some very inspiring & important dialogues sparked…




    76 membersLatest Activity: Apr 5Support discussions of all aspects of Transition Towns from Northern California to Alaska and Canada.

  • Transition Towns State College

    Transition Towns State College

    29 membersLatest Activity: Apr 4Located at the exact center of Pennsylvania in a lush stretch of the Appalachian Mountains and home of Amish farmers and Penn State University.

  • Link Transition Virginia USA

    Link Transition Virginia USA

    19 membersLatest Activity: Apr 4TRANSITION VIRGINIA -- A networking coalition providing Transition Initiatives based on local production, renewable energy, efficiency &…

  • Newcomers to Transition

    Newcomers to Transition

    136 membersLatest Activity: Mar 31This Group is a place for those who are just starting out in Transition and want to hang out together, email each other, and interact. Join us! …

  • Link Transition Oregon USA

    Link Transition Oregon USA

    22 membersLatest Activity: Apr 4TRANSITION OREGON -- A networking coalition providing Transition Initiatives based on local production, renewable energy, efficiency & resilient…

  • Link Transition Arizona USA

    Link Transition Arizona USA

    11 membersLatest Activity: Apr 2TRANSITION ARIZONA is a networking site where all those interested in building resilient and sustainable communities in Arizona can connect, find…

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