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TransitioNING -- The First 180 Days

This is NOT about Obama -- this is about our Transition Ning Network -- the website you are using at this moment and the community that stands behind it! Obama responses will be deleted.

The Transition Social Network -- dubbed by one of our wittiest as TransitioNING -- has been in operation now for 180 days! Let's take a moment to step back and take stock of what we feel this online community has accomplished. The purpose of this memo is to celebrate accomplishments and to solicit your experiences.

A Few Stats
  • 77 social networking sites, plus an additional 51 sites with 2132 members “loosely affiliated" with us along the way
  • 50 States are now live in the U.S.
  • 10 international sites: Europe, UK, South Africa, New Zealand, Ontario Canada, Austria, Germany, Italy, Nova Scotia and Community Exchange...
  • 4743 members have built profiles, shared directories, dreams, and good practices…
  • 1301 forums and blogs serve initiators, workgroups, study groups, reviews, opinions…
  • 226 current events (plus hundreds of past events archived from the calendar)...
  • 327 groups, localities, and virtual interests who have declared their focus on peak oil, zero waste, financial security, localization, post carbon, local resilience...
  • 1000’s of photos, videos, music, podcasts... concretizing the abstract...
  • working relationships with -- --
  • Transition Social Network appears now on Facebook

Share Your Experiences

Social networks are essentially about PEOPLE collaborating, websites being no more important than aircraft in which we travel or pools in which we swim. So let's WE THE PEOPLE bless our accomplishments. At the bottom of this page is a REPLY. Please use this REPLY to record the experiences, insights, AHAs! and the successes that you attribute to your participation in TransitioNING.

Some Experiences:
  • You've met somebody you didn't know before. And you’re really grateful…
  • You're aspiring with a new group now to change the world…
  • You've made headway personally, organizationally, socially…
  • Formed a new business or new group
  • Read a book, watched a film, attended a meeting based on this group…
  • Made a referral and the two parties you referred are going great guns!
  • You've searched and you've FOUND! Thought and ACTED!

What one or two or three memories stand out as "worth it all"? One-liners are perfectly appropriate. Reply and let us all know. Please be specific. Your specificity is another member's or group's transformation! Be free to comment on other members' contributions.

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After casting about with considerable effort to find an outlet for my considerable climate concerns, I'm just very pleased to have found my way to the Transition movement.

I know we have to contend with great fear, the swings between good news and bad news which give us a wicked case of what I've come to call "hopelash," the enormous yearning for the perfect world of our imaginations, and the deep emotional challenges of accepting the inordinate messiness of reality.

But as we face so very many things which are completely out of our control, I think the Transition Town model provides us with the most useful, concrete tools for working within our immediate sphere of influence. Bolstering the resilience of our very local communities might not feel, in the big picture, like it's enough, but it's all that most of us can do. Right now.

I'm grateful for the opportunity.

- Kathy
Hello all,

I've only been involved with Transition for a short time, but I'm so excited to have met such a great group of like-minded people. At the Omaha transition movie night, I was refreshed to say, "I have chickens." and the response to be, "COOL! How can I do that?" Normally, when you talk about trying to make a sustainable lifestyle people think, "Yeah I recycle too." We need to make huge leaps in the way we live and think, so I'm glad to have found this movement. Plus, it's inspired me to ramp up my efforts to form an urban farm here in Omaha. For being an agricultural state, Nebraska is surprisingly behind in the local food arena. So, I'm pursing grants and fostering relationships with local pantries and other non-profit organizations to address this issue. I'm also trying "less conventional" means of funding (see below). Help me to create a sustainable food/permaculture outreach center in Omaha, by voting for my idea on Ideablob. Voting ends 3/31/09. I need about 5000 votes to be in the running for the $10,000 prize. Help me spread the word and create an example of what's possible.

In short, thank you Transition Movement.

My Idea

Les all of these have happened in our transition movement in Austin...

* You've met somebody you didn't know before. And you’re really grateful...
* You've aspired with a new group to change the world...
* You've made headway personally, organizationally, socially...
* Formed a new business or new group...
* Read a book, watched a film, attended a meeting based on this group...
* You made a referral and the two parties you referred are going great guns!
* You've searched and you've FOUND! Thought and you’ve ACTED!
Hey Mel. Great to hear from Austin. Could you get 5-10 people who have taken part in these "happenings" to drop by and give some examples... Gratitude has a way of spreading.
Since joining the ning site in September as one of its first few dozen members in Colorado, I have expanded my horizons. I have met many new friends, have joined a discussion group on ecological economics, have formed my own Transition initiative where I live and have found like-minded people through this site to join me, have posted events such as potlucks and seed exchanges. I am constantly amazed at how many like-minded people there are in Colorado, which gives me hope that we can somehow work our way toward a more sustainable society if we pull our resources together.

I am hoping that through the connections I've made through the ning site I can bring awareness of Transition, peak oil and climate change to my community through more events such as movie screenings. I don't know how we could have stayed so cohesive and had such success with the Transition movement without the "glue" of ning. We can talk to each other, see which events and trainings we want to attend, we can form discussion groups and interest groups. We can watch videos on permaculture and gardening. The possibilities are endless!

Thank you for all you do,
It's always been in the back of my mind to live in harmony with the planet and those around me. With the birth of my daughter my mind really started to open up. The past few years my husband and I have had talks about how to live a more sustainable life, mostly talk and not a lot of progress.
While is Springfield MO I came across an article called the "well fed neighbor" and that is how I found the Transition Handbook. I thought WOW here is a group already doing what I want to do, I can run with this! This was back in November, I have reached out to most everyone I know and some I didn't. I have found the responses to be very powerful and in great numbers. I have found this site to be very helpful in keeping people posted on what is going on in our area and to be able to network with others with out having to meet every week in order to get things accomplished. I live in the St. Louis area, so we have a lot of work to do here. In just a few months we have made some really great progress and our numbers are growing fast. There are so many great minds here, perhaps there is a book in this "Transition in the big cities" ")

Thanks Les ") is a wonderful resource, both for providing easy access to people and information about the movement to change our world. Although, I only joined recently, I plan on using it to share ideas for my garden expansion, reaching other like minded people in my area, as well as helping other people to become more self/community sufficient. The more we can work together on this project the faster progress we can make toward making a difference not only for us but our children.
Dear Les,
Thanks a lot for introducing me to ning and the concept of virtual social networking for a dedicated purpose. This platform has enabled me to learn about and get in contact with some amazing and inspiring people across the globe. It has also given me a lot of hope that we are so many with shared values in these critical times where new models for society will have to grow from bottom up.
The Ning site has been a phenomenal resource for connecting people and groups who are interested in the Transition Movement. After so many years of doom and gloom from the media, finding Transitions has been a shot in the arm filled with hope and alternative choices to the madness of our present economy and lifestyles. I have met so many truely caring and ingenious people through the site. Thanks you Les, for all you have done to make this a reality.
Transition US (and MA and the other state NINGS) are enormously valuable to me. I have connected with fellow transitioners that I trained with in Cambridge, MA and I have met and chatted with fellow transitioners from across the US. The value in that is wisdom.. there are people here who have, collectively, 100s of years of deep knowledge on how to build community, build self-sustainable homes, towns, etc, how to build your soil, and how to build yourself!
Les and everyone:
As we could all witness, things are broken both in this country and world wide. I've heard Megan Quinn from Community Solutions speak about the importance of being able to save ourselves (a comment made 1 month after the Katrina incident) since government may show impotence to do it. The Transitions network provides me with a wide resource base to gather ideas from, bounce ideas off of and network with others of like minds. We're all in this thing together.

The tools of the Internet allow for a greater level of collaboration that previous generations were denied - and Transitions sites allow for this. In the past, knowledge was held within (at least in Western Europe) monastaries and only for those able to read. Transitions has the capability to open this knowledge to anyone in the world and those with connectivity.

Perhaps now with our present successes achieved, we can raise this bar to the next level - out of the "networking" stage and into the "instruction / design / implementation / evaluation / continuous improvement" stage.

I've met so many dedicated thoughtful active people here. It's great to feel 'heard.'

It is heartening to know this network is building before the crisis really hits.
It is rough now, but I think it's going to get worse.

Much work to do.


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