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Why we need a new Congressional Hearing about the CIA's plot to kill JFK

Is democracy sustainable? maybe

Why we need a new Congressional Hearing about the CIA's plot to kill JFK

The following link is of a radio program called Guns and Butter
The information that Joan Mellen talks about is exactly what I have been researching and write about in my online book.

"How the Failure to Identify, Prosecute and Convict President Kennedy's Assassins Has Let to Today's Crisis of Democracy" with Joan Mellen

Here is the link to Joan Mellen's book A Farewell to Justice -
Jim Garrison, JFK's Assassination, and the Case That Should Have Changed History

check out my online book and learn about the crimes of the CIA and US war crimes

I listened to a debate tonight on C-Span about torture and Iraq and Afghanistan as a war crimes.

One of the things that David Rivkin said, was that he thinks waterboarding is not torture and these wars were just wars. David Rivkin is a lawyer with Baker and Hostetle Law Firm and who was in Bush Jr.'s Justice Department. One of the things he said was that we waterboarded our own soldiers. This is the second person who has told me this. Therefore, I can now say that the US military used waterboarding on our troops that were sent thru the SERE school.

Rivkin just did get that he had just admitted that we tortured our own people. He mentions a number of several thousand US military people to whom this was done. The purpose of the SERE school was where they say our at risk capture, troops were taught how to resist torture (harden them up as called it). I want to stress that any torture, even if our troops expected our government would not kill them in this SERE school torturing, was a crime.

This debate again showed reminded just how far our Democratic Party public officials have become NAZIES because they failure to prosecute Bush et al, for war crimes. Yes, ALL of our publical officials who don't speak up, we can now see them as criminals, as accessories after the fact. Furthermore, the US Supreme Court has failed to take a stand and rule that our UN and Geneva and Hague treaties have been violated, and therefore they need to be impeached.

One thing that this debate failed to discuss in relation to the Bush administration's authorizing the CIA to set up Black sites/jails for enemy combatants/detainees. Our treaties require that the names and location of all EPOWs (detainees) be turned over to the Red Cross and the Red Cross must be allowed to visit the EPOW camps. Relatives of EPOWs, if I recall correctly, are informed by the Red Cross that their loved one is alive and a POW. Therefore, by definition Black CIA sites are a war crime.

The debate focused on the practice of the CIA of extraordinary rendition, alleged terrorist to third nations that were known to torture their prisoners. Do you know how many enemy combatants or kidnapped people were sent to such nations? But the issue of Black sites under the control of US government officials is also a war crime.
I discuss recently posted new chapters to my book on Watergate and the JFK assassinations. People are saying why this old news is important or why am I wasting my time.

My answer is because Chris Matthews on MS/NBC's Hardball said something to the affect/effect, that anyone who does not believe Oswald was a lone nut, is an extreme commie liberal.

The volume of evidence points to a criminal conspiracy and Oswald was a confidential informant for the FBI and US Customs, and he was working for the CIA and/or Naval intelligence when JFK was assassinated.

Dick McManus for Congress, D-WA, 1st or 2nd CD
Democrat, Everett, WA
Chief Warrant Officer/counterintelligence special agent, US Army, retired.
I request your endorsement, and it doesn’t matter where you live.

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