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Comment by Yuri Smirnov on October 30, 2013 at 2:42am

Come and join us on Dolmen Pilgrimage - Visit the Keepers for guidence and inspiration -
have this great experience in the Year 2014 !

Comment by Kirsten Bonanza on February 25, 2013 at 4:40pm

I wanted to let you know that I'm publishing a game I created, called Waste Not, to teach about the waste stream.  In short the game rewards more sustainable action and encourages innovation and creativity.  This is a great game for classrooms, and community groups to start rethinking the cycle.  If you'd like a printed copy it is only currently available for the next month on Indiegogo so please check it out today.

I have other games in my queue to finish up that include topics like permaculture, community redevelopment, sustainable design, and food systems.  But first I need to get enough support to get this one off the ground.

I'd really love it if you'd consider supporting Waste Not on Indiegogo and using it in your work for Transition.  This is meant to be a living game and will be updated based on feedback and technological innovation so comments are more than welcome, they are encouraged.

Comment by ross rodgers on September 9, 2012 at 7:58pm

I would Like to share some of my life's work

Lists of trusted open~pollinated, organic and herloom seed providers.
PDFs explaining the ins and outs of seed saving.
Links to beekeepers and info to get started with bees.

~ It is my belief that all this info put into action will be the reason we not only survive, we will THRIVE and I dedicate my life to this task~
Blessings to you all and may this reach you well~ Ross

Comment by Maxine Walker on September 5, 2011 at 5:39pm

MoveOn has initiated a sign-up for members to bring petitons to a nationwide audience.  I have started one to establish state banks to replace corporate control of our money and rescue our economy.  North Dakota state bask has brought prosperity to it's citizens - balanced their budget, reduced unemployment and reestored funding to social services.  Let's get this to happen!  See at

Comment by Tony Budak on June 20, 2011 at 2:17pm

Dear Good People,

I trust that you are well and enjoying the summer.  

I'm inviting you to join TimeBanks, USA,
at our bi-annual conference

Time for Transformation:
Banking on Families and Communities to Be the Change

Brown University located in Providence, Rhode Island
on August 4-7, 2011

Both the Conference invite and call for presentations are attached.

1. Invitation to TimeBank USA National Conference
2. Call for Conference Presentations

For more details - GO

Please kindly distribute both this invitation and
call to your associates as well?

Best Wishes, Thank you for your gift of living
a life teaching and creating a better world,
have a great summer and Thanks again.

Cheers, Tony Budak, CEO
TBUSA%20Call%20for%20Presentations.pdfTBUSA%20Conference%20Invitation%20Letterhead.pdfTime Bank Mahoning Watershed
Comment by Les Squires -- Webmaster on April 5, 2011 at 10:58am

 Thomas H. Greco, Jr. -- one of two or three "fathers" of the rethinking of the role of our monetary system (local money, credit clearing, alternative and complementary currencies, local resilience, free money, free banking) -- will be guest in Kate's and my home April 13-19. All week -- we're available for public and private events, interviews, workshops, consulting, 1:1's, Rockies hikes.  Such a wonderful opportunity to learn about "money" -- what it is and what it isn't, how it serves you and how it exploits, new systems that focus on alternative ways of "offering" our skills and resources and meeting our "needs".  If you have ever "traded" or "bartered" with another person or family, and you like the result, you must meet Tom.  See brief bio below.


Three Scheduled Meetings Week of April 13-19


1. Open House in the Kelly-Squires Home.  779 Nighthawk Circle, Louisville Colorado. April 14 - 1:00-9:00p.m.  Drop by.  Bring a healthy snack.  And a friend.  Stay as long as you wish. If you like what you hear, you'll have plenty of time during the week to join us at breakfast, get copies of Tom's books, attend other meetings, and/or schedule some personal time with Tom.


2. Highland City Club in Boulder.  885 Arapahoe. 12:00-2:00. April 15.


Web address:

Please be aware that space is limited and that you must be on the guest list to attend.  Contact Chris Dwyer in advance  via email or phone to be put on the guest list., 303.494.1521.


3. Public Meeting at Louisville Library.  April 16.  10:30 to 12:30 p.m.

Louisville Library Main Floor Meeting Room, 951 Spruce St, Louisville, CO


Additional Special Meetings You May Want to Schedule

We are free on Thursday and Friday evenings, as well as Monday, for this group to launch some informal events.  Anybody have suggestions?  Potluck dinner?  Small group discussions?  Take some hikes.  Watch some monetary movies together?



Thomas H. Greco, Jr. is a writer, networker, and consultant, specializing in cashless exchange systems and community economic development. A former engineer, entrepreneur, and tenured college professor, he is widely regarded as a leading authority on free-market approaches to monetary and financial innovation, and is a sought-after advisor and speaker at conferences internationally. He is the author of many articles and books, including The End of Money and the Future of Civilization (Chelsea Green, 2009) and Money: Understanding and Creating Alternatives to Legal Tender (Chelsea Green, 2001). His blog,, and website,, are valuable resources that provide detailed explanations and prescriptions for communities, businesses, and governments.


Les Squires

Louisville Colorado USA

Working Together for a Sustainable Futkure

Nighthawk Circle, Louisville


+1 303 926 5159

Comment by Lindsay Curren on October 4, 2010 at 10:51am
Transition Voice launched today——please share on FB and Tweet, post to your Transition initiative website, anything to help us get the word out.


Lindsay Curren
Transition Voice
Comment by Tony Langham on October 1, 2010 at 4:31am
What are you all doing to get rid of plastic bags. I already know of S.Fra. In the UK we've got 200+UK-PlasticBagFree campaign groups and our coalition government has launched the first ever ' England Waste review - call for evidence '.
I'm personally engaged with 2 others in starting on a journey to entice the deliverers of the 2012 London Olympics to make them A PLASTIC BAG FREE OLYMPICS.
If you happen to think that this is worth supporting please do so. An email / mandate from your whole group would be perfect
Comment by Les Squires -- Webmaster on August 20, 2010 at 1:53pm
We're occasionally asked what's the difference between option 1:) COMMENT WALL; and option 2) SEND MESSAGE TO GROUP? Both techniques mail to everybody on U.S.-wide Email List. However, the COMMENT WALL keeps a full copy of your outgoing email in the mail log at the bottom of this page. In addition, the contents of your COMMENT WALL are displayed for the entire membership to review in the center column of the homepage. Option 2, SEND MESSAGE TO GROUP, mails to all members of the group, but keeps no record for later newcomers.
Comment by Steve Ivy on August 5, 2010 at 11:13pm
Is there a list to discus potential TT "recruitment targets?"

I think one of the best and easiest things we can do at home at night sitting in front of our computers is to locate other groups (whether they are local real world groups or just one of thousands of on-line groups) and let it's members know about the TT movement. If necessary we can get a whole bunch of us together and post on their website to explain it in terms they will understand?

It's as simple as this, I think in many cases the people we really want to reach may be very busy already doing their own thing talking to their own people living with their head down taking care of ONLY their own little green acre. They may not have the time or social bandwidth to reach out to us. We need to go where they are.

Along that line I think I have found a "target rich environment" here...
and here

So please tell me if you have already hit these people up in your area?

And let me know what you think of this idea of TT evangelism? Good or Bad? Does it help us or hurt us?

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