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Following is most of a comment added to a new blog post elsewhere on this site:

It's probably true that humans won't leave the scene(s) all at once. How they would or could is not treated because that would require a different show with a different title.

This show is more about life-as-a-whole than about civilization. As such, it is a very important contribution to environmental education. It uniquely meets learners half-way, not only because it's TV. Instead of requiring people to visit the unfamiliar for an introduction that may or may not lead to a meaningful relationship, it cleverly reveals, against familiar backdrops, inexorable processes native to the biosphere. Most humans miss, ignore or strive against these evolution-bred, solar-powered, precipitation-watered, gravity-regulated entities and events daily. Yet they are what humans-in-general can finally cooperate with after their affair with ancient sunlight ends. Some do it now, either because their kind never stopped or because they've seen the light.

This show could become a key piece of awareness raising in a phase that follows the one we learn about in training for transition. It can inspire confidence that life isn't as fragile as we were trained to believe.

Tags: awareness raising, biosphere, environmental education, native, process, whole

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