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New Zealand Transition Initiatives Social Network

From oil dependence to local resilience

Power down for the future together. This network serves people who want to reduce the use of fossil fuels. Search, learn, network here.

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This Transition Aotearoa site is a social network site for Transition Towns NZ. WWW.TT.ORG.NZ is the primary site for Transition Towns in Aotearoa.


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What is a Transition Town
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Transition Towns Wikipedia -- a transition initiative for food growers

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Things You Can Do Today


Welcome to Transition Aotearoa, New Zealands social networking site for transition initiatives. Transition Initiatives are bringing people together out of a desire to explore how we – and our communities – can respond to the twin challenges of climate change and peak oil. We know we don’t have all the answers but we believe we have the innovation to create those solutions. Each transition group networks with their local community on a coordinated range of projects designed to transition from high energy to low energy lifestyles in a positive and creative manner. Our aim is to re-localise our communities, making them vibrant, resilient and truly sustainable.

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Holiday Rental Agreements Net Lawman NZ provdes best quality holiday letting contrats and lodging agreements in plain English.
Status posted by Alex John Dec 16
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Community Supported Agriculture Investigation Group

Considering NZ imports the majority of its staple grains, such as wheat , rice etc, I am interested in looking into the viability of using the CSA model to help increase the production of these and other carbohydrate crops with the domestic market.See More
Sonia Corbett joined Richard Lee's group Dec 15
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Peter Niepel is now a member of New Zealand Transition Initiatives Social Network Dec 14
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Blog posts by Alex John Dec 12
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Tomas L updated their profile Dec 11
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Many greetings from the Caribbean. Volunteering with an organization aiming make St Vincent climate compliant. Visit:
Status posted by Tomas L Dec 10
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Anake Goodall is now a member of New Zealand Transition Initiatives Social Network Dec 10
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Leanne Veitch updated their profile Dec 9
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Christmas Loans New Zealand

Everyone loves Christmas and it is a special time of year. Everyone is planning to enjoy and celebrate the Christmas. Everyone likes to exchange gifts and attend Christmas parties. However, one thing can ruin the whole celebrations if you have a financial problem. Financial problem produces the tension and diminishes the celebrations.Christmas is the best time of year, and you have no enough finances to enjoy it. Your family, friends are looking towards you for the surprising gift on this…See More
Blog post by Alex John Dec 8
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Rachael Koppe is now a member of New Zealand Transition Initiatives Social Network Dec 8
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SynECO Systems updated their profile Dec 6
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Davian Lorson is now a member of New Zealand Transition Initiatives Social Network Dec 1
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Joe perry is now a member of New Zealand Transition Initiatives Social Network Nov 24
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Deirdre Kent updated their profile Nov 23
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Soul Centre is now a member of New Zealand Transition Initiatives Social Network Nov 22
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Alternate Vehicle Fuel (not biodiesel or ethanol)

a group to discuss ways of getting a prototype up and running here in northland.
Hands joined maureen cox's group Nov 22
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Green Building

Hands joined Tom Whiteman's group Nov 22
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Renewable and alternative energy

Exploring and discussing the viability of renewable energy sources for individuals and the community.
Hands joined Llywelyn Adlam's group Nov 21
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David Antelo is now a member of New Zealand Transition Initiatives Social Network Nov 21
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Yvonne Reweti is now a member of New Zealand Transition Initiatives Social Network Nov 17



Suzanne Kendrick

Incorporated Societies 3 Replies

Started by Suzanne Kendrick in Technology -- Tools We NeedLast reply by Deirdre Kent Sep 26.

Steven Muir

garden cart bike trailer

Started by Steven Muir in Unclassified Inbox Jul 3.

Gabriel Suggate

Ecological ethical therapeutic community

Started by Gabriel Suggate in Unclassified Inbox Apr 5.

Deirdre Kent

Helper required to make this site buzz with activity 2 Replies

Started by Deirdre Kent in HelpLast reply by Deirdre Kent Mar 1.

John Veitch

Street Groups

Started by John Veitch in Unclassified Inbox Sep 22, 2010.

Shell (in NZ)

Kefir Grains or caspian se yoghurt starter in Manukau 4 Replies

Started by Shell (in NZ) in Unclassified InboxLast reply by Elena Sep 17, 2010.

mark skelding

Transitioners standing for local bodies

Started by mark skelding in Unclassified Inbox Aug 22, 2010.


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