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OK time to start our discussion.  I think we need a movie night.  Any suggestions for movies and possible locations?


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Well, how do we want to do the first one? Invite people or just get together to view a film ourselves? I should be getting The Power of Community in a few days.

I can handle 15-20 people at my house if everyone promises to ignore the construction zone in my dining room. We just need to shift some chairs around so everyone can see the tv. I'm waiting to hear about a couple appointments next week, so can't commit just yet to a date next week. The following week, I'm free any night except Monday, September 13th.

Does anyone have other movies yet? I guess we can also download them. I just tried a to stream a movie to my tv - didn't work very well.

Diane-- I want to keep your site as a perfect place to have our first movie. I think the next step is to identify as many other groups or people we know that we can invite to the event as possible. It would be nice if more than a couple of up showed up. I can invite the Unitarian Universalist Arlington environmental group and I am thinking the Sierra Club should be notified. Does anyone else have any ideas or am I jumping the gun and just the 14 of us should be invited to the movie?
Karen - If we're going to do a large event, we'll have to find a large venue and give folks sufficient notice with good publicity, i.e., local papers, Patch (Reston has Patch - don't know if it's up and running elsewhere), local groups, etc. If we have the logistics down before Saturday, September 11, I can announce it a the next Green Breakfast.

On the other hand, if we each tried to get a couple people to come see the movie, we could do something along the lines Shaktari described: introductions, why am I here, see the movie, one on one quick discussion followed by a group discussion.

Having just come off a large event (Sustainable Reston's annual awards), I'm not sure I'm up to another big event. But, I would love to move forward with a smaller and more relaxed movie evening. Who knows, we might end up with some new folks.

What do others think?

Hi all - I think The Power of Community has a great positive vision. My family watched it after watching The End of Suburbia and others, and it gave us the opportunity to say to ourselves "oh, I can do THAT, I can live with THAT." Are there other enlightening movies out there that also contain a positive vision? What was it that we were told - one negative movie for every five positive ones?

I think starting in a house is a good first step - then we can move on to locavor-ish restaurants. I can't handle many people in my house otherwise I would volunteer, but I'm happy to help set up.
So much for free nights! I just got booked for Tuesday and Wednesday, September 14 and 15. However, next Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday are now open.
I have some movies, too: King Corn--You Are What You Eat, The Future of Food (2005), Flow (about water), Crude Awakening, and an energy movie that I don't see on the shelf so a friend must have it. Food, Inc. would be a great one to show since it's so current. The Power of Community is a good movie to start with if we are inviting people who are not acquainted with these issues.

Ok so let's do a small thing that we can handle. It sounds like we are all busy and maybe we should pick a date for this to happen at the end of Sept or Oct and we can add a few people. I guess I am not as intimidated by adding more invites as I don't think too many people will show. It seems to me you need to invite many people to get a few people to show. Am I saying something to pessimistic or should I step back and let you all decide how this should go? Maybe the first movie should basically be for those who are really serious and we can have more conversation about possibilities. Northern Virginia is a tough nut to crack.
Karen, I like the idea of getting together to have more conversation about possibilities. If we do that around a movie, so much the better. I'm sensing I may be the only person who has not seen "The Power of Community"...I may watch it tonight, but am sure I will want to see a second time. If people don't mind making the trek to Reston, I am more than happy to host a movie night or a movie afternoon. What works best for everyone? If people don't want to watch "The Power of Community", anyone is welcome to bring another movie. I can do either VHS or DVD.

I'm in! Great idea - I've been a member for a while and have not met anyone in person. That would be nice. . .
Folks Sharon Astyk has expressed interest in speaking in Virginia in February. Does this sound like something we should make happen? I don't want to do this alone so if some others want to get committed with me, I am game...otherwise we can see what else comes along
Karen - A big definitely from me! Let me know what I can do to help. I just finished "A Nation of Farmers" and I'd like to make it required reading for every man, woman and child in America.

My little group in Reston is getting organized and moving forward, albeit slowly. We are planning two movie nights in March and April in conjunction with The Friends of Reston for Community Projects at Nature House at the Walker Nature Education Center in Reston. Nature House has just achieved LEED Gold certification, so we're pretty happy to be able to use such a great venue.

Hope all is well with you!
Excellent! If you think maybe 20 of the folks at your Reston group would come then I would probably say yes to her and I think we could get quite a bit more than that by canvassing other related groups. I know the UU's (Unitarian Universalists) have an eco group at each church and they have a green eating group at each church too. We could also contact the Sierra Club. Maybe folks have some other ideas too.


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