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OK time to start our discussion.  I think we need a movie night.  Any suggestions for movies and possible locations?


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Karen - Our group is just five people at the moment, but I can certainly try to wrestle up more folks. I just made some great contacts at the Farmers' Market this afternoon talking about local food security. One of our members is active in the Oakton UU church - I'm sure he would get the word out there. I have a contact with the Great Falls Sierra Club who will usually put things in their newsletter. Shall we find a time to sit down next week to plan?

Yes but let's plan it for Nov 13th or 14th. I am very busy until then. Does that work?
That works for me. I'm also available weekdays if that's easier for - I'd be happy to come over to your place or meet in McLean if that's more convenient. I suspect you've got a lot more on your plate than I have.

Lest I forget, we have a new on-line "newspaper" in Reston: Reston Patch, run by AOL. Maybe I could get the editor to interview Sharon? This might be a great way to get her message out in a new format. Just something to keep in mind.
That is a super idea too! The more we can get her out there in Northern Va the better. I was partly thinking the weekend in case anyone else speaks up and wants to help. If it will be just the two of us then I could do some weekdays too. Let's see if anyone else might like to join us and then we will nail down the day.
Sound good?
Good thinking - if others are interested, jump on in! Diane

Hi all,


Just joined the group. Heard about Transition recently and am eager to get involved. Are there upcoming events that you'd recommend? I'll stay tuned about the movie nights. I'm curious about the "green breakfasts" that you mentioned, too. Let me know how I can help with anything. I live in Arlington but it seems like it makes sense for all the NoVA folks to work together while we're all getting things off the ground.





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