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Hi all,


Do you live in Northern Virginia? Are you interested in potentially starting a Transition Initiative in your community? A group of us who are in that boat are planning to gather at Mad Fox Brewery in Falls
Church on Monday, January 17th (the MLK Jr. holiday) at 7 PM. (Mad Fox is located at 444 West Broad St., Falls Church.) This should be a
very low-key, getting-to-know you kind of event. We figure it'll
just be a good chance to meet up, talk about Transition, what's already
happening in NoVA, and how we might start to get things rolling.


Please let me know if you're planning to come, either by replying to this thread or sending me a message. Otherwise, feel free to contact me with any questions, including transportation concerns. Hope to see you there!


Happy holidays,



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I'll be there!


Diane Blust, Sustainable Reston Program/Fairfax Coalition for Smarter Growth

I'll be there.


I live in Arlington, Va. and I am new to this group. I was wondering if you have anyone appointed to recruit for this group. If you do I would like to help them and if you do not have one I would like to volunteer to do this. I need to know what counties and/or cities you have included in "Northern Virginia".

Love & Peace, Deborah


Hi Deborah,

The group is pretty quiet so please do recruit away!  A few of the folks met in Falls Church but not a lot is happening right now.  Diane in Reston is doing a monthly film series so you should definitely find out about that but please do take the lead and make Transition in Northern Va grow!


Deborah -


There's also a new official Transition mulling group in Centreville-Clifton.  Jackson Harper is the organizer; you can contact him at  Our next film is "The Green House" about the first carbon neutral house in Northern Virginia:  7:00 pm on April 15th at Nature House in Reston  -- see details on Fairfax Coalition for Smarter Growth on Facebook.  (I'm going to try to upload the brochure here, but am not sure I'll succeed.)





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