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Thank you for redirecting me here Judith ;-)


Today's conference is about the pdc+++,


I have some questions, but will keep them for live chat..;-)

Further I would like to share some insights on the spiral dynamics model and the ... model (model I kind of constructed myself, I think you could call it the natural balance model or smth like that).

Since I am not very good at mathematic-computer stuff, I made drawings and photographed them.

They are in attach,

feel free to co-think..


Oh yes, something practical:

It would be nice to get all of the models we are going to use during the full pdc+++ in a single pdf-file for example.  This can be printed for all my attendees (as facilitator) so they can get familiar with some of the system language that will be used (sort of summarizing charts on integral permaculture tools)

(for example: spiral dynamics, meme, AQAL (four quadrants model), ...)

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hi Diego, 


sorry, been outta this completely ... so busy with the conferences & course preparations!   


LOVE the first diagram, brilliant - I think hand-made drawings like this are much nicer than computer generated... what's great about computers is that you can scan your art & I can see it :)


plse take this topic to your Group Design page! in the MotherShip ... Group Designs > Facilitating a Study Group..  


see you on board!


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