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Sonokhar - Industry in Village Scale

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Sonokhar - Industry in Village Scale

Sonokhar is a village with 1006 inhabitants approximately 100 km south of Delhi, setting up a project to create industrial activities to sustain a holistic development of the villages.

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Anil Kumar Chawla is a former army officer in India who founded V&M, a family run Company manufacturing fine leather goods like office accessories and bags.

While their current production site is in a large business park with 2000 or more enterprises in the outskirts of Delhi, Anil states that "contrary to conventional economic wisdom, in the process of changing the way we work to a more sustainable and replicable model of economic development, we choose to shift to a new mode of production with the village as the focus." This means nothing else than addressing the core issue of rural poverty and decay: the migration to cities because only cities seem to offer employment opportunities and money. But the price workers and their families pay is very high - and villages fall back in development.

Anil started looking for an opportunity to showcase to India and the world how villages can be revitalized and augmented in their qualities without loosing their basic character -  so he identified the village of Sonokhar as a possible starting point for a holistic trial.

We do not know yet if this project will succeed - but it can serve us as a container to collect the best ideas and visions that could be put down on the ground in many similar places around the world with the premise that all these villages will be part of a cooperative and supportive network.

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Are there good examples that we can point to?

Started by Franz Nahrada Jul 13, 2011. 0 Replies

Nothing under the sun is completely new, and it would be good to show examples of similar projects in the world that work or are in planning, albeit maybe on a smaller scale.

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