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  • Energy Exercises for Health and Wellness

    3 members Latest Activity: Aug 30, 2010 Along with solar, wind, and gas, HUMAN energy deserves our focus. A daily energy routine can improve health and cultivate personal peace.

  • Link to Transition Brasil/Brazil

    5 members Latest Activity: Jul 30, 2010 A link page that connects iniciatives, groups and organizations relating to Transition in Brasil, and as it relates to Brasil. - Uma página que…

  • GETS Together

    4 members Latest Activity: Sep 17, 2010 GETS Plus is stewarding the formation of a co-operative of GETS users who appreciate the value of the co-operative vision and embrace the stakeholder…


    38 members Latest Activity: Apr 24, 2014 A group initiating the study of Pattern Language as it pertains to Transition Towns

  • Kyneton Transition Hub

    3 members Latest Activity: Jan 26, 2012

    The Kyneton Transition Town initiative is an outcome of the 2010 Kyneton Conference hosted by Kyneton Connections. The Kyneton Conference,…

  • Transition Initiative Gardner, MA USA

    2 members Latest Activity: Jul 24, 2010 Open and inviting individuals and groups in the City of Gardner to join in and explore Transition from an oil-dependent city to a far more resilient…

  • Openworld

    2 members Latest Activity: Dec 18, 2009 We're a nonprofit group looking at ways that digital "challenge offers" (microroscholarships, telework, etc.) can be offered to help communities…

  • Admins in Training

    9 members Latest Activity: Feb 21, 2010 Want to assist your locality by helping to admin your ning site? This moderated group opens ning to your creativity. Skype with other Admins in our…

  • Intentional Community

    3 members Latest Activity: Mar 12, 2013

    We once lived in tribal or extended family communities. Technology has enabled us to develop into a nuclear family society model but this has led…

  • Transition Hope

    2 members Latest Activity: Jan 26, 2012

  • Transform Australia

    2 members Latest Activity: Jul 13, 2011 Transform Australia is a group of people dedicated to moving Australia towards a sustainable and healthy future.

  • Bringing Home America

    3 members Latest Activity: Apr 27, 2011
    Bringing Home America... Person by Person... Home by Home... Community by Community...

  • Backyard Chickens

    20 members Latest Activity: Feb 27, 2013 Keeping chickens in the yard is an age old and mostly forgotten aspect of kitchen gardening. All over, people are relearning this fun relationship to…

  • Eat Colorado Grain

    5 members Latest Activity: Feb 18, 2011

    Network to find where to get Colorado Wheat, Wheat Flour, Millet, Millet Flour and other grains.

    Learn how to use them and enjoy living…

  • VCU Complexity Group

    2 members Latest Activity: Nov 10, 2010 We started live at the university over 20 years ago. We soon became an on-line discussion as well. We center on the work of Robert Rosen who…

  • FDE - Admin Center

    2 members Latest Activity: Sep 13, 2010 This is the Admin Center for Future Dawning Enterprises. An organization focusing on evolving human consciousness through the creation of…

  • Abraham Paiss & Associates

    2 members Latest Activity: Sep 10, 2010 We are a Marketing, Public Relations and Social Media firm supporting sustainable businesses which move our society toward resilience and self…

  • Curren Media Group

    2 members Latest Activity: Sep 5, 2010 We are an interactive marketing and communications agency that helps businesses and groups prepare for Transition and thrive in today's economy by…


    2 members Latest Activity: Aug 1, 2010 Moving Into TOTAL WELLNESS w/Future Dawning Enterprises is a program to aid in transformation of individuals and evolution of social systems.

  • Sustainable Quimper Peninsula

    2 members Latest Activity: Jun 17, 2010 NE Olympic Peninsula, WA Efforts towards sustainability, local economy & food production and energy independence.

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