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Briana Barrett
  • 34, Female
  • Seattle, WA
  • United States
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How are you currently involved in the Transition movement?
I am purposefully meeting and spending time with every neighbor who I meet, interviewing them on 3 simple questions:
"In a perfect world, in which all our needs are all met, and we know how to keep them that way, what is the culture like in your ideal neighborhood?"
"In a perfect world, in which all our needs are all met, and we know how to keep them that way, what do you receive from your neighbors your dreams?"
"In a perfect world, in which all our needs are all met, and we know how to keep them that way, what do you offer your neighbors out of pure Joy, or, to say it differently, wen everything is said and done, what would you enjoy teaching the grandchildren?"

It's amazing how the ideals and the issues come up simultaneously in the field of these questions + patience + deep trust. The discomfort is the most poignant force ever felt, and when people are sharing, they are asking for solutions like community food swaps, potlucks, sharing books and movies, soundbites and resources, recommendations, community pantries, babysitting, FINDING other children, havign people feel free to drop on in for tea anytime (aka less separating "privacy" and fear of intrusion), and making music together (I get the latter one a LOT). All great activities to start the awareness raising! So I share my answers for my vision for the neighborhood, and people light up and get even more ideas!
We hone them and start a small action that we can handle right away, and we're off!
Oh, and the neighborhood ning is private, and just an online reflecetion - NOT our primary means of communicating!
In what ways do you identify with the Transition movement? Why are you interested?
I notice that it ties in everything I've ever committed to, in a way that is inclusive, joy-focused, guaranteeless (and thus an exciting challenge) and has been done before (and thus more grounded, physically tangible, and teased out already than my own plans were to implement just such a thing). I love knowing I'm part of something shared, a movement, almost like it is 'conscious of itself'.
How can you help the growth/acceptance/vitality of the Transition movement? What can YOU teach us? What can your GROUP teach us?
I model many of the the joyously sustainable practices TT promotes, and my friends & neighbors are always teaching me more. I am, therefore, an invitation (which is my word for leadership.) I connect easily with people of all walks of life, am gentle and articulate, can listen well, and know how to encourage good choices in ways that last.

I facilitate meetings and gatherings, I help people do their individual preparations for change (my business is called "Inside-Out Sustainability" making change possible) and connect with others on an easy, low-threshold level. I listen. I interpret using Non-Violent Communication and asking how I can help neighbors meet the needs they define. Then we take action on their idea and make small gatherings happen!

I work in the dual fields of life-transition coaching for adults, and holistic preschool. I am here to coach individuals through the inner part of transition while synchronizing it with the symbolical outer transition, and to ground those of us committed to inner work in simple practices that embody and pattern the brain to live in the world the way we wish to be.

I eat vegan food, and imagine myself helping others become acquainted with an easily-do-able pallette and life-style. I regularly cook in bulk and exchange food with friends, and invite others to do the same. My boyfriends might make a website to embody the information exchange part of that: recipes, instructions to finish the meal, tracking when an exchange/turn can be expected, etc.

I enjoy a back yard connected to the street, as well as 3 other back yards belonging to neighbors. I look forward to being available to connect with neighbors and passers-by from a plot of earth, as well as through my preschool community, my educators' community, my vibrant dance community, and my encounters in public transportation.
Your Favorite Books/Websites/Blogs/RSS Feeds for Information about the Transition Movement
Turning to One Another
- Margaret Wheatley
about the simplicity and importance of conversations without an agenda.

Getting Things Done
- David Allen
~how I manage my stuff and help my clients manage theirs

The Heart of Social Change: How to Make a Difference in Your World
- Marshall Rosenberg
~bible, and for support, I go to Holly Michelle Eckert, a local NVC teacher who has expanded and simplified the work immensely on her own - pivotal change happened after a weekend intensive with her!!!

The Change Handbook
- I'm still buying it - I currently consult the "World Cafe Handbook"
~bible: if the gatherings I intend to attend don't use one of these methods, I can hardly bare attending, it's so painful now I know what's possible!

Personal Village: How to Have People in Your Life by Choice, Not Chance
- Marv Thomas
~book for reading, and a workbook. I recommend the workbook for alone or group work!!

Slow is Beautiful
- Cecile Andrews The Simplicity Movement, Take Back Your Time, and Your Money or Your Life ~ Enoughness (Vicki Robin)
~explains how come I've been happier than others since I redefined my life

The Value of Nothing: How to Reshape Market Society and Redefine Democracy
- Raj Patel
~explains how intricately everything is connected and how wonderfully powerful one-neighborhood-at-a-time work is!

Passionate Marriage: Love, Sex, and Intimacy in Emotionally Committed Relationships
- David Schnarch
~ My relationship, and those of 3 pairs of friends of mine, has benefitted immensely from the wisdom and insight that this book instills through the raw and ready-to-apply words in this work. Saved my relationship, and therefore my ability to commit to other long-term projects from a place of stability. We all need these skills to sustain what's good in our lives and build the world we wish for all around us!!!
Your Personal Website (if you have one)
Suggestions you have for improving our Registration questions. Getting to know you better.
I love it!! The only opportunity I see is for allowing me to share links to business who are already doing TT and may not know it yet, but that is my experience right now: wishing I could share all of the resources (people) who have kept me knowing that Transition IS happening all these years that I didn't know about TT. Back yard farmers, garden-space/gardener connecting sites, leaders who walk their talk, schools teaching sustainability skills, books and resources teaching sustainability, etc. It's a long list, though, and a lot of work to link to them all. so I guess it's good that I could fill in the Registration questions without all that work, and just click Join NOW. In the past, the extensiveness of some registrations forms kept me from getting to 'Join!'

Briana Barrett's Blog

'Obama is Listening' Tour

Posted on May 14, 2009 at 12:58am 0 Comments

Obama's listening ear is coming to town! Let's put his listeners in touch with the Transition Spirit. They are looking to learn from the people what structure the people want them to use to listen to us more deeply! (see below)

I know that I'll suggest Open Space Technology, World-Cafe, Conversation cafe, fish bowl, and Sociocracy (and just imagine Compassionate, non-violent Communication and Appreciative Inquiry!) - these are all wonderful suggestions to make, and I might bring them… Continue

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At 4:18pm on May 1, 2009, Les Squires -- Webmaster said…
Welcome Briana! Great to see you here on the social networks for Transition U.S. and Transition Washington State. You highlighted in your profile "... The only opportunity I see is for allowing me to share links to business who are already doing TT and may not know it yet, but that is my experience right now: wishing I could share all of the resources (people) who have kept me knowing that Transition IS happening all these years that I didn't know about TT...." -- Wow! Love your enthusiasm. You can realize part of your dream by getting some of these businesses to register themselves as Groups. Our goal is to provide a registry of businesses and organizations who share your values. These Groups then share links to our group and ours to theirs. Groups meeting groups -- not just friends meeting friends....

Some Links Members Have Found Helpful
  • Send me your Skype ID so we can spend a few minutes talking about what you’d like to do here. My ID is LSquiresSkype. I’ll give you a brief Skype “phone call”.
  • Join our Newcomers Group -- if you want to hang out with others who are in the early stages of mulling things over.
  • Read how highly we regard contributions of individuals and groups
  • Edit your profile -- Forgot something really important? Like a photo…
  • Declare yourself -- What do you personally bring to the potluck? Give it a title and say much more than you included in your Profile. Lay out your offer in detail. Or, tell us what you’d really like to learn! Others will join in.
  • Profile your group -- Make your constituents visible. Find some creative ways to offer their special values to mentor all Transitioners.
  • Reinforce, reinforce, reinforce -- Connect the dots -- friends to friends, newcomers to oldcomers, groups to groups, groups to members, skills to skills, special interests to special interests. This is your garden. Cultivate for the harvest.
  • Next steps TransitionUS -- Set up local Transition initiatives as official Transition communities; sign up for training; build your community resilience.
Have fun!

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