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Aug 16, 2011
Akin Olatidoye replied to Carolyn Baker's discussion 'Sacred Demise: Walking The Spiritual Path of Industrial Civilization's Collapse'
"Dear Carolyn, I have learnt a lot about the underlying Christian Character to your writing: A continous open (personal and collective) review for the Right Anchor Of Life. This is one of those virtues that truly seperates perspectives and…"
Oct 29, 2010
Carolyn Baker and Lindsay Curren are now friends
Aug 22, 2010
Carolyn Baker replied to Carolyn Baker's discussion 'Sacred Demise: Walking The Spiritual Path of Industrial Civilization's Collapse'
"And Sacred Demise and the course based on it have made the NY Times! http://www.nytimes.com/2010/06/06/us/06peak.html?ref=us Thanks for your support Dennis!"
Jun 6, 2010
Carolyn Baker commented on Carolyn Baker's blog post 'PEAK RELATIONSHIPS: The End of Suburbia Up Close and Personal, By Carolyn Baker'
"So that's why we need tons of support and a spiritual path and deep connection with the nature around us that is intact."
Jun 4, 2010
Terry Edlin commented on Carolyn Baker's blog post 'PEAK RELATIONSHIPS: The End of Suburbia Up Close and Personal, By Carolyn Baker'
"The sense of doom and gloom is unrelenting. Now I have a glimpse of how a polar bear must feel: my world is too hot, too humid, too crowded, Chicagoans struggling to hang on my a thread are evident everywhere. There is no place to go for relief."
Jun 4, 2010
David Eggleton commented on Carolyn Baker's blog post 'No Title'
"Thanks for this and the book-to-come. I especially appreciated "Can this happen if we are surrounded by exactly the people we would like to be surrounded by? Perhaps-and then again, perhaps not." We need people who complement us more than…"
May 10, 2010
Carolyn Baker posted a blog post

PEAK RELATIONSHIPS: The End of Suburbia Up Close and Personal, By Carolyn Baker

Evidently, the only way to find the path is to set fire to my own life.~Rabindranath Tagore~For most individuals who are aware of and preparing for the collapse of industrial civilization, the notion of a convergence of crises in the current milieu-Peak Oil, climate change, economic meltdown, species extinction, and overpopulation, is not new information. They know that never before in recorded history has the human race been confronted with the web of crises it is now facing. What they didn't…See More
May 9, 2010

Profile Information

How are you currently involved in the Transition movement?
I'm working closely with Transition Colorado and Transition Louisville.
In what ways do you identify with the Transition movement? Why are you interested?
I have been researching and preparing for the collapse of civilization for several years. I love that the Transition movement contains a component dealing with the Psychology of Change. I live in Vermont where great things are happening with Transition Towns.
How can you help the growth/acceptance/vitality of the Transition movement? What can YOU teach us? What can your GROUP teach us?
With my website and with my book Sacred Demise: Walking The Spiritual Path of Civilization's Collapse. Its foreword is written by Sarah Edwards, and it has an endorsement on the back cover by Michael Brownlee. I am also an adjunct professor of history and psychology and in that venue have the opportunity to awaken students to transition.
Your Favorite Books/Websites/Blogs/RSS Feeds for Information about the Transition Movement
Websites: www.energybulletin.net; www.culturechange.org; sharonastyk.com
Your Personal Website (if you have one)

Carolyn Baker's Blog

PEAK RELATIONSHIPS: The End of Suburbia Up Close and Personal, By Carolyn Baker

Posted on May 9, 2010 at 12:00pm 3 Comments

Evidently, the only way to find the path is to set fire to my own life.

~Rabindranath Tagore~…



Posted on February 10, 2010 at 3:12pm 0 Comments

I've always been fascinated by questions of faith and spirituality and the idea is that there is something greater than yourselves. The idea of

the movie was the belief in something greater than yourself, the most

powerful force in the universe, and that's a force that can be turned

either for good or evil depending on what we do with…



Posted on January 11, 2010 at 2:32pm 0 Comments

Earth Blog's Keith Farnish is also the author of Time's Up: An Uncivilized Solution To A Global Crisis

A few months ago, I struck up an online friendship with the acclaimed author and academic Carolyn Baker. It was clear that we were both writing about similar things, but I didn’t realise quite how similar until I had the fortunate opportunity to review her latest book, Sacred Demise: Walking… Continue


Posted on January 7, 2010 at 1:33pm 0 Comments

We are no longer living in the present; we are living in the future. There is no more time.

PHOTO: "Chita" founder of Grandmother Earth's Kitchen

I recently met Rosiema Saravia or "Chita" (chee-tah), as she likes to be called, at a year-end celebration of Transition Colorado and its permaculture and Bioneer partners here in Boulder. Later, I sat down with her to learn more about the catering… Continue


Posted on December 31, 2009 at 4:53pm 6 Comments

As the Transition movement in the United States approaches its third year, and as it celebrates a growth spurt surpassing most social movements in recent history, individuals engaged in Transition are increasingly experiencing the more subtle nuances of its mission. Many are discovering that while awareness-raising and reskilling are deeply inspiring and rewarding, something is missing. That something is connected with the more profound reasons for embracing Transition in the first place—the… Continue

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At 6:48pm on December 3, 2009, Vicki McLellan said…
Just got Sacred Demise today- saw Sarah Edwards forward- (maybe on Transition page? ) and knew I had to get the book. Have glanced through it- can't wait to read it all. Thanks for your work. Unable to get to your web page today- broken link??? Hope to read more of your work soon.
Vicki McLellan
At 9:53am on October 30, 2009, Catherine Walker said…
Thank you!
At 8:32pm on October 29, 2009, Catherine Walker said…
Thank you, I shall!
Blessings on your work.
~ Catherine
At 8:11pm on October 29, 2009, Catherine Walker said…
It would be an honor to meet you the next time you're in Sonoma county. You are also warmly welcome to join us (Transition Cotati) for our weekly Wednesday meeting if that happens to suit. Where are you living now?
At 7:23pm on October 29, 2009, Catherine Walker said…
Could you re-send your comment?

I'm so glad we're connected!

Cheers, Catherine
At 3:05pm on May 4, 2009, Les Squires -- Webmaster said…
I am too. Wouldn't it be novel and wonderful if we had a publication that brought together 25 of the world's best. Hmmmmm.
At 2:36pm on May 4, 2009, Les Squires -- Webmaster said…
4 May 2009
Mary Rose, Carolyn Baker, Les Squires
Conference call, duration 48:10
Mary Rose's Email: dustysummerrose@gmail.com

MR impressed with CB's writings -> broadcast
Crystal Clearwater website -- media center.
Need a place where people come together, determine what is valid, and then publish.
Start with CB and then bring others in -- a place to start.
CB: broadcasting?
MR: online broadcasting, oped, Future Dawning and Transition

Paul Hawkin -- Blessed Unrest -- largest movement in the world.
Conventional media refuses to acknowledge.
CB: podcasting? LCS: Yes. definitely possible
MR: bring together a million of the most creative people in the world to solve the unprecedented problems
CB: what do you need from me; how can help?>
CB: has one website, publishing in different sites/blogs
Les made distinction between his role in Transition <---> Future Dawning

Vernon Wolf -- Deepak Chopra -- has created a team -- approved to be "consultant" for Obama.

What is FD looking for?
* increase awareness of blessed unrest
* important to face food shortages -- growing food
* FD an information gathering hub -- takes info, validates, formats, disseminates
* synchronize 3000 organizations -- 1,000,000 members
* do this on Crystal Clearwater alliances
* Community Information Centers set up -- applied knowledge in handson experience in their communities.
* What will we be doing with Carolyn's materials.

* Carolyn writes an article
* Sent to FD
* Forwarded to 14, 1400, 14000 subscriber sites

CB: "sites for linking"
CB writes couple of articles per month, plus book reviews
Michael Jackson -- publishes newsletter -- SHAPING TOMORROW -- $140 per year
MJ take on the thinktank portion of this project.
MR "effective systems" -- overcome the fragmentation
charge vs no charge. \
CB charges for daily news digest
CB send a portions SACRED DEMISE
MR we suffer from dissocation
social systems are large part of our environment -> support and enhance life

LCS have we made some progress?
CB add MR to her list.
Mary Rose email address: dustysummerrose@gmail.com
At 3:23pm on February 6, 2009, Lawrence of Sebastopol said…
I am please to have as a friend any one who admires Shepard Bliss as I do. For me he stands next to Aldo Leopold as a writer.
At 1:06pm on February 1, 2009, Lawrence of Sebastopol said…
Welcome, I look forward to you book and to your perspectives. Let us know how we can improve our readiness here. I will check out your blog

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