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Cindi Landreth
  • Female
  • Bellingham, WA
  • United States
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Profile Information

How are you currently involved in the Transition movement?
Transition initiatives have been building in Bellingham for a few years now but we haven't referred to them as such. I was a co-founding member of Sustainable Connections (a sustainable business organization) and served on the board for 6 years and have been serving on the advisory board for Sustainable Bellingham (a citizen sustainability organization). I am also founder and host of Changing the Dream Open Space Salon (discussions on spiritual fulfillment, social justice, environmental sustainability, grief, and cultural revolution). I am also a facilitator for the Awakening the Dreamer, Changing the Dream Symposium (created by the Pachamama Alliance). I am currently signed up to do the 2 day training for Transition Initiatives and the Training the Trainers Training :-) in San Francisco in December. I have also been very active with another 'un-official' initiative where we take people (4 to 86 yrs of age) out weekly into the wilderness and practice tracking, birding, plant understanding, etc...
In what ways do you identify with the Transition movement? Why are you interested?
I have found myself spinning between wanting to destroy the existing destructive culture, creating a way of being that fosters life, and wondering what I need to do to protect myself from an unknown collapse (financial? health? earthly cataclysic event? war? etc..). When I found out about Transition Towns (via website) I ordered two copies of the book from England and read one and gave the other to our local Peak Oil Task Force to read. I found that not only did I resonate with the message of functioning with principals rather than rules and the positive energy behind the initiatives (wonderful for inspiring and engaging with people) but it also helped me put into place the solution to my spinning. Embedded in the Transition Initiatives is the unifying principal - love - that which energizes, inspires, encourages people to find their own and their community's power, builds community, and .... still embraces the shadow. In this unifying principal is hope -where people align their values with their actions, their inner knowing with an outward way of being. This is where I find hope and this is what I find in the Transition movement.
How can you help the growth/acceptance/vitality of the Transition movement? What can YOU teach us? What can your GROUP teach us?
Beyond continuing what I have described above,...I could help by now threading the work that so many communities are doing with a commonality - a term that offers an upward movement of hope while staying resilient to the coming challenging changes: Transitions. I believe the strength in this thread offers hope for a cultural revolution.

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At 2:42pm on April 19, 2010, Kathy Jacobson said…
Hi Cindi!, thanks so much for writing and congrats on all that is happening there and your continued advocacy for communication systmes.
FRS family radio service...just found this site about it. This one and this one may be of interest to the communication folks as well.
We are continueing our efforts in the arena of radio communications but I need to write up a description for some of my community partners about emcomm toward greater resilience and to help build neighborhood connections. i don't think they understand where we are coming from as emcomm is often geared toward acute disaster response...we're in a chronic disaster and it's getting worse. gotta go, look forward to chatting with you more sometime. l ove, kj
At 2:25pm on April 19, 2010, Heather K said…
Yes! Long deep breaths!
I think the workshop you have created in June will address helping folks create new intitatives. This is the season to be under sky dome on earth planting & caring for earth and meeting neighbors face to face.....I am moving towards spending less time on computer......and observing what the new wave of transition folks brings forth.
At 12:24pm on April 15, 2010, Heather K said…
Cindi, let me know if you want to initiate a group on the TW site called:
“Mentoring New Transition Initiatives” of if you want to encourage someone else to do it.
I know none of us have much time...but we could wing it...and those who are helped can help others.
At 12:34pm on December 9, 2009, lane said…
Cindi: My Comments keep getting eaten when I change pages on the Ning site:m So what was
I going to say? I remember this:


I know Belllingham is working on one too. David might be on the commitee? It might be the time to bring the Transition Town or Sustainablilty ideas to Skagit. Last time I talked about
it, most folks thought I was nuts, or trying to initiate some kind of sect? Not exactly. I still wish
we weren't so isolated out here, or I would be able to participate in more activities in B'ham
and such.

Perhaps someone in Transition Whatcom could act as a mentor for Skagit? And there are
folks in the San Juan Islands that are interested in TT, also. I am thinking that if the more
organized initiatives can help the interested groups with just a few people in them, that
us Cascadians, whoever we are, can enlarge the scope of our attempts to "change the

Another question before me Comments are eaten again. Do you still have the TT film?
Could I see it sometime. I think I saw some of it before it actually came out, but don't
really know what it turned out like. I know there are a lot of people talking. Best to Rick.
Heart and Soul seems to be getting somewhere. Remember Sophie. She was cool, and
an engineer to boot. Hope to see you someday again. Lane
At 9:27am on August 8, 2009, Kathy Jacobson said…
Hi Cindi!

Hope all is well and that you're experiencing great success with your Transition efforts!

I remember that we had a brief chat about radio communications awhile back.

Thought I'd let you know that I just started a radio communication group on Transition US and thought you may like to check it out and possibly join. Seems it is about time we add another communication medium to this site, especially as it is so related to local, national, international emergency communications when all else fails :-) It would be great if we started a discussion on FRS radios as well.


BTW, I really love this...
Embedded in the Transition Initiatives is the unifying principal - love - that which energizes, inspires, encourages people to find their own and their community's power, builds community, and .... still embraces the shadow. In this unifying principal is hope -where people align their values with their actions, their inner knowing with an outward way of being. This is where I find hope and this is what I find in the Transition movement.
At 10:45pm on August 6, 2009, Tamara SunSong said…
Thanks Cindi, looks like you've got cool stuff going on! I think we need a volunteer coordinator too... sometimes it's a bit overwhelming how much there is to do and we don't have much of an organizational structure yet.

Great that you've got Robyn Francis coming. She's going to be in this area too around the same time but we weren't yet planning far enough ahead to nab her. Next time I guess...
At 11:59pm on August 5, 2009, Tamara SunSong said…
Hi Cindi, our only web presence so far is our page on the TT wiki: (seems to be case sensitive for some reason).

We are doing great! We just had our first "Intro to Transition" public presentation tonight, I got to play with Power Point (my first time, took me hours and hours to prepare the presentation!) and babble at people, we did a short visioning exercise... over 50 people there including the leader of the provincial green party. Now hopefully a bunch of these people will add their efforts to our own so that we can really get things rolling with a bit more volunteer labour...

How are things going in Bellingham?
At 7:51pm on July 8, 2009, lane said…
Cindi: We have septic problems at Madrona. You are welcome to
camp at our place if you have time. We have had good luck with
Interns this summer, but are looking for someone to start
permaculture, alternative building and organic farming here.
It is getting to be too much for me to run both places. I am
having hip and knee problems also.

If you know any energetic young people would be interested
in working with us, let me know. Here are the places:

Home in February

Madrona Center:

My best to Rick; I like him. A hug to you, too.
How's business. Probably crazy as usual. Lane
At 3:52pm on January 19, 2009, Kathy Jacobson said…
"Hi Kathy Thank you! Your response was perfect - exactly the information I needed and very thorough. I have put it out to my community to start working on a NCS - let's see if anyone bites. MY husband and I have FRS radios as part of our emergency plan and I grew up with HAM radio operators but I was a kid and didn't really understand the value of the technology. So, thanks! Cindi"

How cool! I'd love to stay in touch and hear how things are unfolding for you. I'll send any related URLs that I might run across again. kj
At 9:36am on January 19, 2009, Kathy Jacobson said…
Hello Cindi,

Constantine had mentioned that he had referred you to me related to an inquiry about emergency communications on the "ask les" discussion. I apologize for taking so long to get in touch with you.

I have posted this on that discussion but also thought I would copy and paste it here in case you aren't alerted to its presence over there. BTW, great profile sharing; thanks and best wishes for all you are doing and dreaming!

Hi Cindi,
I appreciate your attention to the realm of communications. You may want to explore the world of radio communications.

Emergency planners and response partners are also attentive to these matters and utilize a variety of radio frequencies and systems. You might check in with your county Emergency Management Agency, Red Cross, etc., to see what the plans are in your county and to find out if there are any HAMs in your area...I am willing to bet there are.

HAMs are folks with amateur HAM radio licenses and are dedicated to powered down systems of communications...when all else fails. They, we, are very active in emergency situations and it is part of the HAM radio license agreement. HAMs were involved in 911 and Katrina response, and are always involved with response efforts related to other natural disasters and community emergencies. There are drills and advanced training in emergency communication available.

Constantine and I are both HAM radio operators. I have a lot of training in emergency planning, operations, NIMS (National Incident Management System) as well as ARRL emergency communicaitons certificates. I am by no means an expert or old-time experienced HAM operator but I am trying to develop my capabilities and to be of service.

Constantine and I have a off-grid* HAM station at Broadwell Hill in southeast Ohio and mobile stations in our vehicles and field kitchen. We also have a portable photovoltaic electric system for field communication systems. We have taken it to HAM radio field days and other events and have offered our services to our emergency response partners.

There are emergency neighborhood communication web networking and educational pages out there. If you're interested I can track down the URLs for you.

Along these lines, I have been proposing, for quite some time, that we develop our neighborhood circles while also addressing the arena of communication.

We can all develop a system where there is one neighborhood HAM station by which all other neighbors are connected via CB radio and/or FRS (Family Radio Service), or other simple 2-way radios that don't require licensure.

We know that our telephone systems, especially cell phones, are extremely vulnerable. Moreover, many folks in my area do not have telephones, (cell phones don't work well due to dead zones and the hills in this area).

I met a new neighbor who is also on the Transition Ohio ning site last night. I hosted a casual meal sharing here. She does not have a telephone. We spoke about communications and learned that her father was a HAM radio operator and she has two FRS radios that she has used during public action events.

She is interesed in becoming a HAM radio operator but won't be able to pursue that right now (although it is quite an easy process) because she is very busy building her house, etc. However, if we pull out the FRS radios, see if we they will work between our places... she will be able to reach out to us if she needs assistance and we will be building our neighborhood communications network. If it's a situation where we need to contact others around the county, and even nationally/globally we can initiate the HAM radio communications and activate the relay system.

I am very excited about meeting Anne for many reasons, including the fact that it takes us one step closer to the dream of developing our neighborhood communication systems. It would be wonderful to see this type of network develop in all areas around the globe.

Please feel free to contact me if you would like to explore this or other matters. You are also welcome to check out the Broadwell Circle group discussions on Transition Ohio.

It would be great to have you, and others, join us in dialogue there about neighborhood radio communications I am going to copy and paste your post (hope it's okay) and this note there as a starting point. I will place it withing Basic Need: Infrastructure - systems of communications, organization and management.

Best Wishes, kj
KC8ZHR monitoring Athens County ACARA repeater frequency 145.150

* off-grid: no public electric service, 2 kW photovoltaic system with a large battery bank.

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