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Diane Lutzke
  • Female
  • Plainview, MN
  • United States
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May 2, 2009
Christine S left a comment for Diane Lutzke
"Hi Diane! I've been off the TT websites for the last month--working on our TT Northfield initiative pretty strongly. In fact, we are hosting a TT training here in Northfield in June. We'll be sending out a Save The Date this week. Bill…"
May 2, 2009
Diane Lutzke left a comment for Christine S
"Christine, I rarely have our vehicle at my disposal; however, I am home most often. Do you ever travel south, as far as Plainview? I would love to have you visit, or entertain a small group of your sustainable friends, at my home. Soup's always…"
Mar 18, 2009
Diane Lutzke left a comment for Christine S
"Hi Christine, and thank you for contacting me. I would love to connect. I have had little luck in getting some interest generated in my own community, even beginning to notice a "eye-glazed" look when I bring up transition to friends and…"
Mar 17, 2009
Christine S left a comment for Diane Lutzke
"Hi Diane! I'm involved with a group of transition-minded folks in Northfield, MN. We're in the mulling it over / forming a start-up committee stage. I just wanted to say hello. I'm very happy to see all the skills you have in…"
Mar 16, 2009

Profile Information

How are you currently involved in the Transition movement?
I attended Transition Training in Boulder, CO in Sept. 2008. I am holding a meeting in my community Oct. 21st and hope to move a Transition Initiative forward in my community.
In what ways do you identify with the Transition movement? Why are you interested?
I have been moving in the direction of a localized economy by purchasing all my food from local, organic- and free-range producing farmers. I buy all my food fresh from farmers' markets and process it myself. I have been reading much about peak oil, climate change and economic collapse for the past three years and subsequently sought a solution--the Transition Initiative is it!
How can you help the growth/acceptance/vitality of the Transition movement? What can YOU teach us? What can your GROUP teach us?
I have been processing my own food for years using traditional culinary methods (canning, pickling, drying, freezing, fermenting, storing...) I also make my own pasta, dairy products and bread.
Your Favorite Books/Websites/Blogs/RSS Feeds for Information about the Transition Movement
The Long Emergency (James Kunstler), Learning Native Wisdom (Gary Holthaus), Deep Economy (Bill McKibben), New Roots for Agriculture (Wes Jackson), The Open Space of Democracy (Terry T. Williams), The Art of Commonplace (Wendell Berry), Nourishing Traditions (Sally Fallon), Looking Backward (Edward Bellamy), Reinventing Collapse (Dmitry Orlov), The Fourth Turning (Wm. Strauss/Neil Howe), From Farm to Table (Gary Holthaus), What Are People For (Wendell Berry), Democracys Edge (Frances Moore Lappe'), World Made by Hand (James Kunstler), Why Grassfed is Best (Jo Robinson), Last Child in the Woods (R. Louv), When Technology Fails (Matthew Stein)/, the Oil Drum, Club Orlov, Sharon Astyk, Matt Savinar, Energy Bulletin, Matt Simmons
Official Voice Communication: Skype from Add LSquiresSkype to your Contacts.
Suggestions you have for improving our Registration questions. Getting to know you better.
You're doing a good job!

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At 3:43pm on August 31, 2010, Coco Gordon said…
HI Diane, What have you experienced with your Transition work since we last conversed?

Am just getting back on this site & checking in.

In Lyons we did use much Open Space process in many areas including Economy after it tanked, conversations with nature, permaculture intro, Honoring our elders, Chris Martensons's Crash Course about money, saw many transition movies & had talks with local leaders, and many times had chance to play Transition games, like the string web of all species community. Transition has been assimilated well into the community, the reskillings are being done in awesome way locally, food shed is filling in, new outdoor markets, many new certified Permaculture graduates in town, new town commissions to work with Transition resilience, relocalization, water and renewable energy issues, new interest in beekeeping & chickens, & home gardens growing food in extended season. We now mostly meet to celebrate what we do have, the community gardens, the confluence of our two rivers, we are being relied upon to guide the town, have been given our Transition town role in the new Comprehensive Plan.

It seems that all the similar movements are reaching towards each other now, Permaculture Bioregionalism, Transition, Financial Permaculture, Social Justice, & all the local food growing and garden groups.

We are catching our breaths after much awareness raising, giving some time for those who are still in denial for what we have done to sink in.
All Best
At 6:44pm on May 2, 2009, Christine S said…
Hi Diane! I've been off the TT websites for the last month--working on our TT Northfield initiative pretty strongly. In fact, we are hosting a TT training here in Northfield in June. We'll be sending out a Save The Date this week. Bill & Becky Wilson from Stelle, IL will be traveling here for the training... How's the gardening going? Spring has sprung--it's really busy right now! Peace, Christine
At 4:06pm on March 16, 2009, Christine S said…
Hi Diane! I'm involved with a group of transition-minded folks in Northfield, MN. We're in the mulling it over / forming a start-up committee stage. I just wanted to say hello. I'm very happy to see all the skills you have in self-sustainability/resilience! I hope since we live close by, we can share in some collaborative activities. For example, we are in the process of getting a transition training going in Minnesota (maybe Northfield area)--perhaps folks in your area would be interested, too.

Are you going to sign up for Transition Minnesota, too?

Yours in Transition,
At 4:23pm on October 20, 2008, Les Squires -- Webmaster said…
Welcome Diane and soon to be Transition Minnesota! Great to see you here. What an impressive background and reading list. You are surely welcome to visit our Book Reviews area and highlight a book or two that will assist our members.

We also invite you to go to Starting Local Groups on Transition US and then to Minneapolis. Tell us a little more about what's happening in your neighborhood. This makes your group visible to other groups in Minneapolis and elsewhere around the world. Be sure to ask questions as they arise.
At 3:57pm on October 20, 2008, George Lisi said…
Hi Diane,
Great counsel from Coco! Her comments help me in my thinking about our upcoming events here in Vermont, as well.
You're fine! Be gentle with yourself and enjoy the adventure!
Best! George ~
At 11:32am on October 20, 2008, Coco Gordon said…
Hi Diane

Whatever you begin with will be just fine. The four principles of Transition are: Whoever comes is the right person, whatever happens is the right thing, wherever it takes you is the right place, However long it takes is the right time, and remember to step back for 2 minutes at any time things seem off, and reflect, is this where I wish to be at this moment, be wiling to move from that spot or that thinking, and move on to another place you feel is a better place.

These are the fundamental things that make working with Transition so natural and positive.

The 'ways in' are partly this, and partly the mode of listening/hearing very carefully for where there is common ground in every person with different background than you, and not pushing your own agenda in the expert mode.

Being gentle this way is really appreciated by others and encourages others to join the community as a participator. As we learn in Transition to practice this kind of Me+You instead of me vs you that exists in our culture everywhere, it is really appreciated, and works to make Transition the special solution to becoming resilient and self-sustainable for the hard times ahead.

The Me+ you way of not pulling people in or teaching them what we know as more important than what you know, allows constructing community empowerment, before the hard times hit (hopefully).

George has suggested particular things that are very helpful: I underscore that you might use exercises we learned in the TTraining, where any large group is broken up into 4,5 or 6 persons to take on certain questions they have or you have for them.

Then begin afterwards using open space construction along with any Transition initiative you present, such as films, speakers, forums, re-skillings, local campaigns, or other events you may dream up together depending on what your community needs are and who joins in.

We in Lyons are taking things slowly for open space - not yet done, only small exercises at initiatives, where people can meet and get to know each other. I feel the need for all this getting to know, and decide for oneself what can be done in one’s own suggested gathering group, as soon as you can get a crowd where it will work.

Thanks for stepping forward with this important contribution to your community!
Cheers, Coco
At 10:49am on October 20, 2008, George Lisi said…
Dianne wrote:
"Hi George, Thank you so much for your supporting comments--I truly need them. Would you mind expanding on "ways in" and "hear". I'd appreciate any help you can offer. Diane"
Hi Dianne! I don't have time to respond properly now, but I am going to invite two wise and experienced friends, Sapan Rinpoche and Coco Gordon, to comment. Later! George ~
At 9:09am on October 20, 2008, George Lisi said…
a few thoughts about your meeting, if I may?
1) Remember to meet people where they are. What are the 'ways in' that will allow them to 'hear' what you're saying?
2) Whatever happens at your meeing, be grateful and look for the gift! What have you learned? What connections have you made, etc, etc. Perhaps you've even found a colleague or two! Remember you're trying to assemble a core team. Even if folks don't appear receptive, they will have been exposed to some powerful ideas and what they've heard will be working away inside them.
3) The beginning stages of anything are always challenging for the folks stepping forward with a new idea. The point will come where energy starts to build. Until then, remember to *nurture* yourself and your courage and look for support and someone you can "debrief" with. Remember you can look for support and feedback among the folks here as well!
Anyway, just a few thoughts from my experience with this sort of stuff.
Thanks for stepping forward with this important contribution to your community!
Cheers, George ~
At 5:38pm on October 19, 2008, George Lisi said…
Hi Dianne! Love the photo of you smiling in front of your bulging pantry of locally grown, self-canned winter food. "Worth a thousand words". Success to your efforts! May your meeting attract many energized colleagues!
Cheers! George Lisi, TT Montpelier, Vermont

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