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How are you currently involved in the Transition movement?
I belong to the TransitionSF group. I/we grow food at home in the city. Keep bees. Buy bulk food with the neighbors. Cook for/with the neighbors. Work to include more people and expand all of the above.
In what ways do you identify with the Transition movement? Why are you interested?
Food security, resilience, community. I'm generally referred to as a "happy collapsist". Good food... not ammunition. I'm keen to surround myself with good people. Never a bad idea.
How can you help the growth/acceptance/vitality of the Transition movement? What can YOU teach us? What can your GROUP teach us?
Wide acceptance will come over time in fits and starts. Mostly fits. I'm all about the vitality in my own home, block, neighborhood. I feed people, talk about urban gardening, bee keeping, home food storage, and the need to retool. I get together with locals and we teach each other how to do home canning, make bread and pasta from scratch, make kimchi and cheese, swap books, etc.
Your Favorite Books/Websites/Blogs/RSS Feeds for Information about the Transition Movement
Sharon Astyk rocks! Shannon Hayes and her book "Radical Homemakers" is spot on, LOVE Janaia Donaldson and Peak Moment. Becky's Homestead is charming in a naive yet genuine way. James Howard Kunstler and his Kunstlercast is great. Believe it or not, this big San Francisco homo spends a lot of time on Mormon websites about food storage. Strange bedfellows...

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At 2:39pm on May 19, 2010, Judith Newton said…
You wrote:
I'd like to come visit you when/if you have the time. Aside from simply enjoying a trip to the country and chatting with you (I'm sure you're charming) I'm curious about your co-housing arrangement. We have a similar set up here in San Francisco, but I suspect the details are different. I'm also interested in establishing on-going arrangements with local farmers and producers in the countryside. Perhaps you know people.

Hi Johnny -
I was deliriously busy with our wildly successful countywide 350 Garden Challenge this past weekend. Apologies for the delay in responding.

I'd be delighted to have you stop by. You can get an initial gander at our set-up at our FrogSong website. We have about 75 people living here on 2 1/3 acres -- with 14 chickens, to boot. It's lovely and, of course, presents its own challenges looking towards the future.

I do know a couple of local farmers, etc. Short notice, but this Saturday from 12-3 our local GreenString Farm is having an open house/plant (and rock dust and compost tea &c) sale. The GreenString Band will be playing, too. Shoot me an email at judithanew ~at~ gmail com if you're interested and I can forward you the announcement. If this won't work, we can make other arrangements -- I'm most available when most people are not: 9-4 M-F. Let's work something out.

At 6:16pm on May 15, 2010, William Crumley said…

An important reason Crumley wrote the book is he could not find answers to questions he was asking. In “Why We Are Always Broke” Crumley examines how money has been used as a manipulative tool throughout U. S. history. Crumley begins by discussing deals between European settlers and American Indians, which forced the natives into debt. Then, Crumley takes readers into more recent times. Central banks were created in Europe to gain control of less wealthy nations by instituting a credit system. The power of these institutions expanded rapidly during the expensive rebuilding efforts which followed World Wars I and II.

The book describes the powerful influence of America's central bank, the Federal
Reserve, on this country and others. Crumley explains how this system of private bankers has manipulated the U.S. Government by propagating debt. He shows how a main purpose of Federal Reserve issued money is to fund weapons manufacturing and U.S. Military activity.

In addition, Crumley discusses John F. Kennedy's attempts to loosen the Federal Reserve's grip on the government before his death. Crumley shares his research on the United Nations, the Bank for International Settlements and NATO, and shows how these organizations have influenced global interactions. He also writes how, after years of being manipulated, some Middle East nations are fighting back by implementing new economic systems. The establishment of an Islamic Central Bank and Sadaam Hussein placing Iraq money in Euros more than weapons of mass destruction or control of oil was responsible for the current Iraq war. However, Crumley does not negate the effect of oil. He maintains that oil is now being used as gold once was: to back the currency of richer nations. There are no readily available documents to prove this thesis, however. That may be the subject of a future book.

bill crumley
At 7:09pm on April 29, 2010, Judith Newton said…
Hi Johnny!

I'd very much welcome your cooperation. I live in a cohousing community, and we have a lot of the bulk buying, feeding-each-other, skill-sharing things going on within our community. I've been wanting to cultivate such things outside of our circle, for the wider community.

If you ever want to stop by for a chat and tea to cross-pollinate ideas on how best to get such things going outside of an intentional community (etc.), I'd welcome that.

Other tidbits you may have seen on our site: we are unveiling the Sonoma County TimeBank on May 7 via our First Friday Food and Film event. We are also plugging away at cultivating a stronger relationship with faculty at Sonoma State University. Our current push related to food-growing is our participation in organizing our local area for the countywide 350 Garden Challenge slated for the weekend of May 15/16.

At 12:38pm on April 28, 2010, Judith Newton said…
Welcome, Johnny! What vital, awesome, goodness you are cultivating -- so inspiring. ~Judith (in Sonoma County)

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