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Suggested Neighborhood Group Activity

Check out the class offered by Krista Rome and Chris Wolf "Sustaining your family with an urban garden". In 2 hours learn how to feed a family on just 1/4 acre of land (or get as much as you can on what land you do have access to). This is a great way to encourage neighborhood activity and perhaps plan for workgroups to help get gardens in shape for this coming growing season. For more info visit this discussion. 

Suggested Neighborhood Group Activity

Get your neighborhood together and apply for one of the $350 Transition Whatcom Design grants. This is a follow-on to the work done last year for the Transition US Home and Landscape Challenge and is expanded to cover and activity that would help create a more resilient and self reliant community. Be thinking about what would benefit your neighborhood and could also be an example to others. Attend the March 10th tour of example projects to help generate ideas and the design review sessions starting March 15th to polish your proposal. Awards will be announced on April 29th and project building starts on May 26th. Look for more info on the event page. 

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