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At 5:04am on October 6, 2012, amelia said…

Hello dear,I am Amelia by name,this is important,
please email me back at[].
I will be waiting to hear from you soon.

At 11:15am on November 29, 2009, Les Squires -- Webmaster said…
Hi Chris. I'd like to invite you to register your church on page -- -- we're trying to gain increased visibility for the good works faith-based communities are doing in Transition. Let me know if you have questions.
At 9:34am on March 30, 2009, bob banner said…
I just realized the problem. you have .org and it ought to be .com.. so you are the guy who did the next industrial revolution!! fantastic!!! any follow ups?
I think I met you at Bioneers where you might have given me the video vhs version to show to folks!
thanks for that!

At 9:24am on March 30, 2009, bob banner said…
Hi Chris.

thanks for alerting us about your film. Do you have a trailer yet that I can take a look at? I clicked on your website but its not working. Were you involved in the making of the next industrial revolution? if so, did nike ever create those tennis shoes? Ive asked around and googled and nada.

I was born in MICH, btw.. and love to screen films in central coast of ca where I live now.

ciao for now.

bob banner

check out and post at the transition media sites at both the US and CA sites.
At 1:14pm on January 22, 2009, Mike Morin said…

Welcome, and welcome to the people of Western Michigan and wherever else you have connection.

State and Federal could facilitate a transition to relocalization of the agricultural and other resources, if they were not so dominated by the interests of the monied "class".

It is really the fundamentals of the economy that we must address and gain "control" of... We need to fundamentally change the way that resources are allocated to and within our communities.

With respect to your location on the shores, and harbor of Lake Michigan, what is the history of the fishing culture and the current status of such, and the health of edible fish populations in your vicinity, the larger Lake Michigan environs, and the Great Lakes Region as a whole?

Mike Morin
(541) 343-3808
At 3:29pm on November 24, 2008, Les Squires -- Webmaster said…
Welcome Chris and Transition Michigan! Great to see you here. "... If my time on this Earth is to mean anything I must work to ensure a sustainable, healthy, joyous life for my children and my neighbors...." --Help us keep these values at the forefront of our thinking.

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