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At 8:42am on February 1, 2010, Vaughn L. Zeller said…
Hi, Jaclyn;

I hope things are going well in Arizona. My only time in your state was when I was diverted from Chicago during a flight from Pittsburgh to Seattle. Spent perhaps 8 hours in a Phoenix motel. Hope to get back there someday.

At 1:18am on February 1, 2010, Skystar Jamilla Indriel said…
Namaste Jadyn, You reminded me that I am connected to this awesome network!
At 12:23pm on January 31, 2010, Heather K said…
Greetings Jadyn from a gardener & permaculture design consultant living in the "NE Pacific Ring O Fire on the lands & waters of the Cascadia bioregion". In the winters I travel to southern latitudes and also am connected with the tropical pacific islands. I send greetings to your sacred lands of ancient deserts blooming and the grandest river canyon that I have been blessed to walk through.
How great that you are speaking in your community on the transition movement! I hope you can also encourage the regional permaculture designers to also get involved.
I am most active on my my local transition network at
There is also a NW regional network called Cascadia that is a group on this US ning site.

Let us know on your personal page how things are progressing in your region.
May your neighbors begin to collect rainwater, bicycle, and build state of the art bathrooms for composting humanure, and plant trees.
At 9:09am on January 29, 2010, Robert F. Bisson said…
Transitions intregues me. but I don't know much about it. Best wishes.
At 8:58pm on January 28, 2010, Ron Cooper said…
Hi Jadyn,

We are moving along the transition path up here in Mount Shasta...

At 7:32pm on January 28, 2010, Stephen Alrich Marshall said…
Hi Jadyn,
From the comments, it seems you reached out to a bunch of people you don't know. I am relieved because I could not imagine how I might know you! So what other surprises await me?
At 5:33pm on January 26, 2010, Joel Welty said…
Greetings from your new friend in Michigan! I am speaking about transition to groups in central Michigan, in the lower peninsula. Wish me luck.
At 11:00am on January 26, 2010, Shaun Daniel said…
Hi Jadyn! Greetings from the snowy high desert of Oregon! Thanks for reaching out as a friend.
At 10:18pm on January 24, 2010, Jethro McClellan said…
I'm a little curious, too, as to why you chose me as a friend.
Not to say I'm not looking forward to talking to you.

At 1:07pm on January 24, 2010, Susan H. Bloomquist said…
Hello Jaden, I am just getting to know the website, thanks for being an efriend. Susan Bloomquist
At 9:28pm on January 22, 2010, San said…
Hi Jadyn, I, too (much as Keith Shackleton is), am curious as why you chose me as a friend .... the curiosity has the goat ! Do tell if we have a connection already !

kind regard,
At 7:36pm on January 22, 2010, Keith Shackleton said…
Hi Jadyn:
I received a message that you have added me as a friend. I'm curious as to why you chose me(?) Ottawa is far from Arizona, but of course that's not a deterrent. I wonder what we can share other than the discussions on Transition which are generally available. Perhaps we have some connection that I was not aware of?

Sincerely, Keith
At 2:55am on January 22, 2010, Aman BLOOM said…
Ola, Jadyn! Must say I joined this network for some time in the future -- if I ever return to the US to live -- but it's nice to have you as a freind, perhaps my first on this net (I do Facebook regularly), and interestingly Arizona has been coming into my life more and more of late. My daughter and her soon-to-be husband just moved outside Phoenix, and an ex-girlfriend lives in Tucson, & now YOU! Where is Peoria? I mean, I could Google-map it, but then we wouldn't be starting this conversation... ;-) Cheers, aMan
At 4:45pm on January 20, 2010, Margaret Weiner said…
Welcome, Jadyn - glad to know you are speaking on the Transition movement in Arizona, and share your desire for more people to learn about it. Gradually we are meeting more people interested in Transition here in Iowa.
At 9:06pm on January 19, 2010, Vic Gaffney gave Jadyn Lopez a gift
Hi Jadyn! Look forward to connecting with you! best rgds Vic.
At 7:04pm on January 19, 2010, Ken Henry said…
Hi Jadyn,
Sounds like you are active there in Arizona.
Our core group is getting quite active. Your friend,
Barbara Greene, was the first to get the training and
then to rally us (Reno) to action.
Right now I'm on a committee working on getting a venue for local
artists to present their positive "transition art" to the citizens of Reno.
There are so many levels to all of this-- starting with our
own personal "transitions" and then moving out to
those around us and in our community.
At 5:17pm on January 18, 2010, Len Hockley said…
Hi jadyn, Where are you situated?
At 2:43pm on December 31, 2009, Les Squires -- Webmaster said…
Hi Jadyn. Good to see you here. You may also want to look into for more local activities. Welcome!

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