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At 10:35am on August 16, 2013, Samuel Pérez said…
Thank you For accepting me Les!
At 9:10pm on June 4, 2012, mary stimson said…
dear les, nice to hear from you. my skills in doing this are crying for improvement. so please take this into consideration. i am still visualizing my garden. it's been years. can't do it here. but have been enjoying the roses here that are on there last bloom. mary
At 3:46pm on May 2, 2012, Jenese james said…
hello Les - thank you for the welcome and apologizes for my dealy in replying - life has its many interesting twists and turns - i finally get it together enough to be here more - thanking you
At 4:48pm on April 11, 2012, Grace Thompson said…

Hi Les,

Sorry for the delay in my response.  I was in the process of moving my office.  

Thanks you for your warm welcome and support for Gaia Psychology's mission!  

I joined the Missouri group...Thank you.

I am somewhat unclear about this portion of your message: "On the local scene, it would be spot on for all our members if you would consider including a link to in our registry of organizations, localities, companies, products, services, Twitterers, Facebooks, Meetups, etc. supporting Transition and Sustainability. Here's the page to create the link. That way we can introduce our two groups to each other. I'll be glad to help launch and build your link."  Is the link to create a subgroup for Transitions in Action?

Happy 2012 to you also!

Peace with Nature,


At 10:38am on April 2, 2012, Pauline Schneider said…
Thanks for the welcome and the friending. :) Transition opens up lots of opportunities, as well as friendships.
At 8:22pm on March 30, 2012, Jamie Vaughn said…
Hi Les, thanks for the welcome message. Rochester, NY doesn't have a local Transition website/group/meetup etc as far as I know (I've done some searching). This is why I found and joined this social network in order to try to connect with other transition-minded folks in Rochester. I'll share any links if a Rochester group begins to materialize. Thanks again!
At 3:46pm on March 30, 2012, David R. McCain said…

Thanks for the lovely introduction message. I felt my heartstrings pull when I say your place of residence. I grew up in Brighton and went to school in Boulder. I recently moved to Flagstaff from San Diego to reconnect with the mountains, snow and my partner :)

Best of luck to you,

At 1:09pm on January 19, 2012, lisa Jacobson said…
Hi Les,

Great to be part of this network. With thanks..Lisa
At 7:37am on January 17, 2012, Theodore Poulis said…
Thanks for your warm welcome Les. Good to be part of this community. Wishing you too a fantastic 2012!!

At 6:08pm on December 22, 2011, Thea Summer Deer, Ph.D. said…
Thanks Les! I joined the NC group
At 12:26pm on December 22, 2011, Deck Hazen said…

Hi Les,

 My family and I are moving up north to start a new life in Kerikeri where
I hope to join up with the transition town movement already underway.  If
you do make it back to NZ drop me a note and if you can't make it up to KK,  I'm happy to drop down for a coffee and a chat.

                 -- Deck

At 10:41am on December 22, 2011, Deck Hazen said…

Hi Les,  I've been hearing your name around the traps for quite a while, I hope we get the chance to meet in person some day. 

At 7:55am on November 15, 2011, David Braden said…
Is there a reason that we can no longer edit text in the discussions? Can we have it back?
At 6:10am on November 4, 2011, Dick McManus said…
I request your endorsement and it doesn’t matter to me where you live.

Dick McManus for Congress, D – WA 2012
Democrat, Everett, WA
At 5:20pm on November 3, 2011, David Eggleton said…
I am active at now, too.  It's growing much faster than permaculturehub (:-().  I keep posting links to discussions and blogs here.  There is incredibly little overlap in the memberships, as far as I can tell.  Please consider doing what you can to connect the two.  Big opportunity for bigger movement, IMO.~D
At 12:04am on October 25, 2011, Jesse said…

Hey Les

I've recently started a group on Permaculturehub (, encouraging people who facilitate online permaculture related social communities to come together and discuss how we can collaborate to best achieve our common goals.

Transition in Action seems to be one of the larger sites out there (admittedly not directly permaculture focused), and I'd really value having your insights and suggestions added to the group. The "Community networkers (online)" group ( is currently in the very early stages of forming up, but we already have active online-community facilitators from as diverse locations as Alaska and Florida! It is specifically permaculture focused, but per Rob Hopkins comments recently Transition and Permaculture continue to be closely related (

I appreciate that you are probably very busy, so if you are able to join up, please feel no obligation to contribute - it would be great simply to be able to call on your insights when the timing is right (and hopefully have some of the crew check out this site based on your profile info)!

Thanks again for your contributions to these online conversations.

In community


PS. Is your private message function working?

At 1:15am on September 27, 2011, suman Thapa said…
Thanks Les for joining me and supporting me in my activity . ofcourse i will do my best to understand the value of transaction in action .
At 1:08pm on September 20, 2011, Bernadine Bloemgarten said…
Thank you for your very warm welcome Les , and some good pointers . All the best with your trip here in NZ.

Cheers ,
At 10:47am on September 20, 2011, Tom McMillan said…
I've got to get my wife to help me get a picture posted, yours looks pretty good. Thanks for being my friend. Tom
At 8:10pm on September 19, 2011, Robin Hoare said…
Thanks Les. You might like to see the slight changes and additions to my profile.
Especially see my "other" website which is very relevant to smaller communities.
Is there anyone singing from the same hymnbook in the US?
I am also glad to have criticisms and suggestions!
Robin Hoare
Rawene NZ

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