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At 4:45pm on March 20, 2011, estevan trujillo said…


Thank you for adding

and the complement. 

At 9:05pm on March 19, 2011, Kelda Miller said…
thank you thank you thank you!
At 12:41pm on March 19, 2011, Melissa Miles said…
Thank you for adding :)
At 10:59am on March 11, 2011, Monica Sjursen said…

Hi Les, 

Thanks for the welcome.  Bellingham's Transition Website is:  (Sorry, not up for taking on more projects, but feel free to post it)

I came to this transition in action website through the site.  Hoping to take their online class as my work & mom-schedule does not allow for a 3-week course (neither does finances).

At 8:59pm on February 22, 2011, David Eggleton said…

B'day, Les.  A good one I hope!

I'll blow a kiss as I pass by on my way to a week in Frisco!

At 8:31pm on February 22, 2011, Akin Olatidoye said…

A cheerie Happy Birthday Les!


Dieu Benit et jouex milleu nouvelle  pour toi

(God bless and happy new 'age')




At 12:48pm on February 21, 2011, Kathleen Wilson said…
Hi Les, Thank you for your warm welcome! Now I am on the search to find people that are local in my neck of the woods. I live in the Lake Wenatchee/Leavenworth, Washington area. So if there are any people out there that want to connect, let's do it!
At 3:19pm on February 14, 2011, Caroline Savery said…

Hey Les,

Wow!  Lovely to meet you.  Thank you for your very helpful message.  I will add Sust Enable's website to the registry as you advised.  I look forward to joining groups and making friends... thanks again!




At 4:21pm on February 11, 2011, Margie Campaigne gave Les Squires -- Webmaster a gift
Les, did you used to live in Rochester, NY? Your name is very familiar! Margie Campaigne
At 5:04am on February 8, 2011, Jeffrie Gasca said…
Will do. And sadly no, Hialeah doesn't have any transition groups that I'm aware of at the moment. I'm more interested in this for the learning aspect, I'd like to know how to grow seasonal foods for example, or how to build an off the grid home, and go to a few meet-up's, etc.
At 10:55pm on February 7, 2011, Jessica R Birmingham said…


Thank you so much for the welcoming message!  I am actually going to be starting a group in my area so I will love to make a group site on Transitions.  I will let you know when I do it, I am trying to pull resources together to begin the meets.

I'll be catching up with you soon!


At 8:00pm on January 30, 2011, Sarah Williamson said…

Hi Les,


Thanks for the welcome and the info - am just finding my way around this site but will get there!

At 10:37am on January 27, 2011, Kathy Jacobson said…


I like the Transition Resume idea and model :-)

At 10:26am on January 27, 2011, Kathy Jacobson said…

Hi Les,

Thanks for the note about starting a bioregional group.

I'm willing to get one going for our area but would like more input from you regarding your visions.

I have to admit that I am a bit hesitant due to the great number of groups already on this site and the related difficulties, as well as the lack of active participation from our area over the years.

I've included a bullet on the Transition Ohio site for Bioregional links and am also planning to include a category for neighboring state links.  

I am also planning to join the neighboring state groups, like I did when we all had our stand-alone sites, but just haven't had a chance to do so here yet.

I could create a group for Ohio and neighboring states but that wouldn't really capture our bioregional characteristics and connections. 

I could create a group for the Mid-Ohio River Valley for folks who live in the Valley/Appalachian Ohio hill country, PA, WV, KY.  I agree that this would be a good idea as a foundation stone in the system, even if we're not doing much bioregional exchange yet.

I still fantasize about the spokes council approach with delegated representatives/liaisons serving from the various groups/states/etc. on such broader groups but I don't think we're there yet in terms of organizational desires.

It goes back to some of the early conversations about architectural infrastructure, etc. and is something I'm still grappling with in terms of the CHACRA initiatives.

Let me know what your thoughts are regarding the best way to go about such things and what you would like to see unfold on this ning network.

Thanks for everything!  :-)  kj

At 7:05pm on January 24, 2011, Chris Kugel said…

Thanks Les for the welcome and information.  I'll keep my reply brief as my mind is swimming with information and I'm still trying to get a handle on everything.



At 7:53pm on January 23, 2011, Chuck Anderson said…

Les,  Much better and much appreciated.  I will have a look around.  Thank you for what you do.  Chuck

At 6:27pm on January 23, 2011, Christopher Tidman said…
Thank you Les.  I have very little knowledge or ability when it comes to computers and web sites and have no ownership issues with anything that I have posted anywhere on the internet.  Please use any of it for whatever you wish.  The North America Party was started just for fun, but I have since realized that it could be a solution to the gridlock that has paralysed  Governments on both sides of the border.  Any civilization resists change.  All systems within the whole are symbiotic.  However, we are entering the 'information age', which as I see it is driven by the internet.  All those institutions that existed in the old world pretty well collapse when they try to enter the new world of the internet.  Every individual has a personal brand and sells his goods or services directly to the end consumer. As an individual you enter a new world when you post a personal profile.  Within days everything you have ever done in your entire life becomes public knowledge.  Makes it really hard for people who have things to hide, do not have any friends or do nothing for the salaries they take home.   Pleased to see what you are doing.  Think that one such site in every community could organize the bodies on the ground.  At present we come from all over- makes it hard to organize something like a windmill raising party or a local farm co op.  Please link whatever you you wish and copy any of the blogs if they are appropriate.  Best Wishes.
At 4:08pm on January 23, 2011, Chuck Anderson said…

Thanks, Les.

Please consider changing the drop-down menus.  They look artistic, - - but they are virtually unreadable.  The verbiage gets lost in the orange.  It needs larger bold print and a lighter background.  It stopped me cold in trying to explore the site.


Thanks, Chuck

At 3:39pm on January 22, 2011, Dick McManus said…

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At 7:23pm on January 17, 2011, Judith Newton said…

Hey Les -

You've been brilliantly busy as always!  Yes, nearly 3,000, but unfortunately they're not all unique.  Some are duplicates... and I even noticed (because it was recently his birthday) there's one guy with FOUR profiles here!  :)  Put "Eyermann" into the Search on the upper right.  Should anything be done?  Just wondering...


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