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At 5:01am on October 6, 2012, amelia said…

Hello dear,I am Amelia by name,this is important,
please email me back at[].
I will be waiting to hear from you soon.

At 10:13am on January 6, 2009, Mimi said…
Thanks, Constantine. I confess that I had this weird moment seeing "Athens Own" because I am currently steeped in writing a book about the ancient amphitheatre in Athens. My son is a student at Oberlin. Ohio does seem to be a leader in this movement. I also just want to say that I think "own" is a great 'branding' for this movement. Really effective environmental messaging. Bravo.
At 3:55pm on December 31, 2008, David Olivero said…
Thanks for the welcome, Constantine! Athens' Own sounds really cool. How long has it been around? It'll be interesting to compare notes with folks in Ohio in terms of moving toward sustainability. Climates, population density, land use, etc...Different regions = different solutions, right? Can't wait to see what we all come up with. Cheers,
At 1:05pm on December 26, 2008, Wayne Davis said…
No, I am not. But, it is my favorite example of the direction that new single family development should be taking (or mixed types for that matter). You may have noticed that it was designed by Andres Duany He did Seaside a long time ago and is considered to be one of the "Big Guys" in Traditional Neighborhood Design (TND).
At 6:47am on December 26, 2008, Wayne Davis said…
Check out this development in North Florida.
Go to the Community page to find the Master Plan.
At 8:09pm on December 22, 2008, Nathan Lyle said…
I'm afraid my membership at the moment is mostly "guilt by association"... and I doubt I'll be the poster boy for action. (I guess I called myself a slacker in order to not start off with any expectations I won't have time to live up to.) With family and work, my involvement is probably best described as philosophical, with a strong possibility of technical assistance should I become sufficiently and overwhelmingly motivated to adjust some of life's priorities. (I apologize if that doesn't make sense... I need to stop posting things online after 10pm.)
At 7:27pm on December 20, 2008, Taylor said…
As far as your posting: I was a little confused by "Lots of systems of exchange and reciprocity put forth here." Were you referring to the website? The comment just seemed to be floating and others might also be confused by this part of the post. I'm not certain, but I thought I would just throw that out as feedback. Furthermore, the "bulletin board" comment seemed out of place, or perhaps it just needed a transition. I did, however, think that the questions at the end of the posting seemed appropriate. It leaves a lot of room for a variety of different people and skills to consider the internship.
At 10:05pm on December 12, 2008, Patrick Gibbs said…
Hi Constantine,

Glad to clarify computer details -- that was a bit of a confusing forum thread.

I am not a TT member at any state level, and I had no idea that such positions exist in the Transition Movement.

What are your questions about resource networking?

~ Patrick
At 5:54am on December 3, 2008, Constantine Faller said…
Hello Kathy. Hi Matt and all!
At 5:29am on December 3, 2008, Kathy Jacobson said…
Hi Constantine!


You can also get there, and to the other states, from the link
on the left upper column on the main transition page. noteKey=Transition_U.S._Activities_%26_Resources

John Krochmalny, northwest Ohio, sent the following link to his summary of the 5th Peak Oil Conference

Best Wishes, kj
At 2:53pm on October 23, 2008, Kathy Jacobson said…
Hey Constantine! Welcome on board!
Thank you for signing up and sharing news of your efforts.
Thank you very much for all you bring to the Broadwell Hill Resiliency Initiative and everything you are doing!
At 2:06pm on October 23, 2008, Les Squires -- Webmaster said…
Welcome Constantine and soon to be Transition Ohio! Lots of Ohioans have been in touch recently. Great to see you here too. "... creative uses of this marketing and distribution business to assist transition. Examples: local currency, energy conservation and alternatives, wise product choices and the families/communities they represent and empower...." -- Bingo. You're spot on. We're also looking into local currencies here in Colorado.

We invite you to go to Starting Local Groups on Transition US and then to Ohio. Tell us a little more about what's happening in Amesville. This makes your group visible to other groups in Ohio and elsewhere around the world.

ALL-Transition Global Search


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